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Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE SmackDown Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Amway Center in Orlando, FL.

- Tonight's WWE SmackDown on FS1 opens up with the usual intro video. We're live from the WWE ThunderDome in the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Michael Cole welcomes us to the Hell In a Cell go-home edition of SmackDown. He's joined by Corey Graves at ringside. They hype tonight's show.

- We go right to the ring and Kevin Owens is out for another must see edition of The KO Show. Owens is thrilled to welcome us to the first edition of his show on his new home. He introduces tonight's guest and out comes Daniel Bryan to a "yes!" chant.

Owens thanks Bryan for joining him, and for mentioning him last week when naming new SmackDown Superstars he'd like to face. Owens would like to do the same. They mention pushing each other to their limits in the past. Owens asks Bryan where he sees SmackDown going. Bryan wants SmackDown to highlight the absolute best Superstars in the world and he thinks they've nailed it with the current roster, naming guys like Big E and Jey Uso. Bryan wants to see who will step up next. He thinks it would be great if SmackDown has a title defended each week, and he thinks that should be the Intercontinental Title. Owens says that's a great idea.

Owens is pumped Bryan brought up titles, and says that's exactly why he brought Bryan out here. He wants to talk to Bryan about the Tag Team Titles. Owens says he's accomplished a lot in WWE, but he's never been a tag team champion. Bryan says Owens has betrayed a lot of friends. Owens says Bryan is focusing on the wrong part, and should imagine how good of a tag team they would be together. Owens says they could be Team Hell KO. Bryan says that would be Owens teaming with Kane. Owens says they can talk about the name later, but he thinks they would be an unprecedented tag team. The music interrupts and out comes Dolph Ziggler with Robert Roode.

Ziggler says there's no way Bryan could be talking about hot, fresh new talent and not be talking about he and Roode. Ziggler feels slighted they weren't invited to this party. Roode says if talking about tag teams, they should be talking about the greatest tag team on the planet, and the best SmackDown talent acquisitions in history. He goes on but the music interrupts and out come the SmackDown Tag Team Champions - Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, The Street Profits. They get pyro on the stage as it starts raining red cups. Ford and Dawkins start taking shots at how Roode and Ziggler look. They haven't forgot what Roode and Ziggler tried to pull last week. The Profits are excited to be on SmackDown because they are up and they want the smoke. The music interrupts and out comes the team of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Cesaro talks about how they've been carrying the SmackDown brand for months. The Profits are in the ring with Owens and Bryan now. Roode and Ziggler are still at ringside. Bryan says he and Owens should test the theory of how good of a tag team they'd be. Cesaro, Nakamura, Roode and Ziggler hit the ring as a big brawl breaks out. The timekeeper starts ringing the bell over and over but the brawl keeps going. WWE Producer Adam Pearce comes running down the ramp, calling for an official to come behind him. We go to commercial.

The Street Profits, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and we've got an eight-man tag team match underway. Kevin Owens fights off all his opponents from the apron while going at it with Shinsuke Nakamura. Owens clotheslines Nakamura and nails the senton. Angelo Dawkins tags in but takes knees from Nakamura. Cesaro tags in and they hit double big boots on Dawkins. Cesaro covers for a 2 count. Robert Roode tags in and kicks Dawkins as Cesaro holds him. Roode misses an elbow drop as Dawkins moves. Montez Ford tags in and they unload on Roode with a double team for a 2 count.

Roode decks Ford but has a suplex blocked. Dolph Ziggler tags in and dropkicks Ford for a 2 count. Ziggler works over Ford on the rope while the referee warns him. Nakamura with a cheap shot knee to Ford. Ziggler keeps control of Ford and tags Roode back in. Roode with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Cesaro tags back in and they double team Ford. Cesaro with a big uppercut and tag to Nakamura. They keep Ford down in their corner now. Nakamura taunts the others and drops a knee on Ford for a 2 count. Cesaro tags right back in and keeps Ford grounded.

Ford kicks Cesaro and rocks the others while in the corner. Ford counters Cesaro and dropkicks him. Ford tags in Daniel Bryan for a pop. Bryan unloads on Cesaro with uppercuts. Bryan dumps Cesaro over the top rope to the floor, then nails a suicide dive. Bryan kicks Cesaro and brings him back in the ring. Bryan goes to the top for the crossbody but Cesaro catches him. Bryan gets free and nails a corner dropkick. Bryan lands bad on his leg from the corner and goes down. He sells the injury and the referee checks on him. Cesaro attacks him anyway and knocks him to the floor. The referee counts as Owens checks on him.

Cesaro stays on Bryan at ringside and works on the hurt leg as the referee counts. Cesaro returns to the ring and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Roode has Bryan down in the ring, working on his hurt knee. Ziggler tags back in and goes right for the knee as fans boo him. The referee is distracted, allowing Cesaro to nail a cheap shot. Ziggler yells at Bryan and gets hit for it. Ziggler comes right back for the knee. Cesaro tags back in and keeps Bryan down near their corner. Cesaro with a half-Crab submission on the knee now as Ziggler taunts him from ringside. Cesaro slams the knee again and in comes Ziggler off another tag.

Ziggler yells at Bryan to get up. Bryan catches a dropkick and catapults him into the turnbuckles. The Profits and Owens wait for a tag now. Roode tags in and stops Bryan from tagging, slamming his knee into the mat. Roode with a cheap shot to Dawkins. Roode takes Bryan to the top for a superplex but Bryan fights back and headbutts him to the mat. Bryan with a missile dropkick to Roode. Bryan tags in Dawkins. Nakamura also tags in. Dawkins unloads on Nakamura with big offense. Cesaro runs in but Dawkins drops him, then dropkicks Ziggler.

Dawkins splashes Nakamura in the corner, then hits a big bulldog for a 2 count. Nakamura fights Dawkins off and nails a kick, then a Backstabber to bring him down for a 2 count. Cesaro tags in and Nakamura drops Ford off the apron. Cesaro and Nakamura with a big double team combo to Dawkins but Owens breaks the pin up. Owens sends Nakamura to the floor. Roode runs in but Owens hits a Stunner. Ziggler with a big DDT to Owens. Dawkins sends Ziggler to the floor. Cesaro tries to use the ropes to pin Dawkins but the referee sees him. Dawkins ends up hitting a big Spinebuster to Cesaro. Owens and Bryan take out Nakamura and Cesaro on the floor. Ford tags in and hits the big Frogsplash to Cesaro for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winners: The Street Profits, Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan

- After the bell, the winners celebrate as we go to replays.

- Still to come, Roman Reigns will reveal consequences to Jey Uso for Hell In a Cell.

- The announcers explain the recent Money In the Bank situation between Otis, The Miz and John Morrison. We go to a "Law & Otis" court room segment, which starts off as a spoof for the "Law & Order" TV show. The Miz and Morrison are in court with their lawyer. Otis is representing himself, and has his MITB briefcase. WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons is the court deputy, and introduces the judge - WWE Hall of Famer JBL.

JBL says Miz is suing Otis for emotional distress, wanton destruction of property, creating an unsafe working environment, and Money In the Bank negligence. Miz's lawyer goes to give her opening statement but Miz cuts her off and speaks on his own. Miz makes his case, saying Otis has victimized him emotionally and physically, and has not held up his Money In the Bank responsibility. As a previous briefcase winner, Miz says he must take the briefcase and put it in possession of an honorable Superstar - himself. Your honor, that is the truth.

JBL asks Otis for his opening statement next. He thinks he should have the briefcase because he won the Money In the Bank match. That's it. Miz's lawyer tells him that Otis has a good argument. Miz fires his lawyer. We go back to the announcers. Graves says he hopes we get a verdict tonight.

- We get a video package for Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

We go back to the ring and out comes Bianca Belair. She hits the ring and twirls her hair around as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see The Street Profits celebrating with Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens backstage. Bryan is left alone and WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn walks up. Sami says he heard Bryan bad-mouthing him earlier, saying his title should be defended each week. Sami doesn't share the vision and says the title is special, and it's his, which means he dictates the terms, how often it's defended and against who. Sami brings up their WrestleMania 36 match and tells Bryan to keep his ideas to himself. As long as Sami is champion, he will defend his way. Sami walks off. We go back to the ring and out comes Zelina Vega.

The bell rings and they lock up. Belair takes it to the corner and Vega goes to the top while still locked up. Vega with a shot to the face. Belair attacks and launches Vega to the mat from the top. Belair taunts Vega while she's down. They go at it and Vega starts working on the arm. Belair scoops her and slams her. Belair shows Vega up off a counter and runs over her with a shoulder tackle. Belair taunts some more and hits a standing moonsault, then kips up in the middle of the ring.

Vega grabs the apron cover as Belair tries to pull her. Vega kicks Belair back and drops her with a kick to the head from the mat. Another kick by Vega, then another in the corner. Vega sends Belair flying out of the corner. Belair catches Vega and launches her in the air, then delivers a big right hand on the way down.

Belair grabs Vega and presses her high above her head from the mat. Fans pop as Belair marches across the ring with Vega in the air, then drops her over the top turnbuckle. Belair with the KOD in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

- After the match, Belair stands tall and starts celebrating as her music hits. We go to replays.

- We get a video package for Lars Sullivan. We see The Freak backstage now. He will be in action next. Back to commercial.

Lars Sullivan vs. Shorty G

Back from the break and Kayla Braxton is in the ring with Shorty G. She asks why he's accepted a match with Lars Sullivan. G says he's fed up. He can't get drafted on RAW, can't get drafted on SmackDown, it's respect so it's up to him to right the ship. He's going to call out the big man and prove he belongs. The music hits and out comes Lars.

The bell rings and G ducks Lars. G comes off the second rope but Lars catches him and hits a fall-away slam, sending him across the ring. Lars stalks Shorty now. Lars lifts G high in the air and slams him to the mat, then laughs at him. Lars scoops G on his shoulder but G claws at Lars' eyes to get free. G with a shot to the throat now, then a shot into the turnbuckles.

G comes back with a rolling kick into the corner. He tries for another but Lars side-steps and sends him into the turnbuckles. Lars is mad now. Lars easily tosses G across the ring. Lars levels G with another big shot. Lars then hits the Freak Accident in the middle of the ring for the pin to get the easy win.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

- After the match, Lars stands tall as his music hits. We get replays. Lars yells out and stares the camera down as G struggles to get up on the ropes. Kayla interviews him from ringside and asks him how he feels. G says he quits. Fans boo. G rolls out of the ring and struggles to keep himself up at ringside.

- Alyse Ashton is backstage with Seth Rollins, asking about tonight's match against his former disciple Murphy and the "fun" they had last week. Rollins talks about how plucked Murphy from obscurity but tonight he's asked for this match for a specific reason after last week. Rollins knows Murphy's emotions has him confused, but everyone needs to understand that The Greater Good is all of us, and we all have roles to play, and Murphy needs to understand his. Rollins is a messiah and a savior, Murphy is a walk-behinder. There's no shame there but tonight, Rollins will define Murphy's role for him and that sounds like a lot of fun to Rollins

- We see Roman Reigns backstage at a table in his lavish locker room. Paul Heyman looks to say something in Reigns' ear but Reigns is angry tonight and doesn't want to be bothered. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and Adam Pearce is in the trainer's room with Shorty G, asking how he is. He asks G if he really just said he quit. He says he's done being Shorty G, he's done with this character. He doesn't accept this Shorty G crap, he's done being a happy little punching bag who just accepts who he is and tells everyone they can achieve what they want if they accept who they are, and Shorty G can't either. He goes on about his past accomplishments and says they're wide, and have to be seen. He's Gable... Chad Gable.

- SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley is in the ring now, with her title and her steel chair. She says she did a bunch of interviews this morning and they all kept asking the same questions about Sasha Banks and if she will sign this contract to face Banks at Hell In a Cell.

Bayley says Banks is an ungrateful little brat, doesn't deserve this, and she doesn't want to give Banks what she doesn't deserve. Bayley tried to be done with this weeks ago but now Banks is just a bigger pain than before. She laughs at Banks saying she's bigger than the title last week. She thinks Banks got a little too conceited and her head's too big to fit in Hell In a Cell. Bayley says they might as well burn the Hell In a Cell contract because she's signing it. Banks calls herself The Boss but she's not the boss of Bayley. The music interrupts and out comes Banks to a pop. Banks comes marching to the ring and she has the Hell In a Cell contract with her. Bayley says she;t not signing it. Banks says she better because Bayley started this and she's ending it. Bayley swings the steel chair but Banks ducks it. Banks grabs the title. Bayley wants it back so they can talk about this. Banks offers the contract. Bayley goes to grab it but grabs the title instead. They fight for it and Banks drops Bayley.

Banks wraps the chair around Bayley's neck and keeps her down with a foot on it. She grabs the contract but Bayley kicks her back. Banks traps Bayley in the chair again and yells at her to sign the contract. Bayley refuses. Banks keeps the chair submission applied and Bayley finally signs it. Banks kicks Bayley back to the mat with the chair around her neck. The Cell match is official for Sunday. Banks grabs the title and kneels down, telling Bayley she will take the title on Sunday, and finish what Bayley started. Banks drops the title and makes her exit with the contract as her music hits. Bayley looks on, chair still around her neck.

- We go back to the court room with Otis, The Miz, John Morrison, JBL and Ron Simmons. Morrison is testifying about how Otis assaulted him and assaults a lot of things. Morrison gets emotional and Miz hands him a handkerchief. Rey Mysterio is on the stand now. He was also in that Money In the Bank match and Otis walked out. As far as he's concerned, Otis won the title shot straight up. RAW Women's Champion Asuka is on the stand next. She just rants some in Japanese. JBL asks someone if they got that... it's WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long. He understood every single word, playa.

Tucker is the next man on the stand to testify. He comments on Otis being sensitive and says Miz has everything his way because he had Otis' girlfriend Mandy Rose sent to RAW. Miz and Tucker argue about Otis neglecting the briefcase. Tucker says Otis has only been thinking about beating the crap out of Miz, and now Tucker wants to do the same thing. A fight almost breaks out. JBL calls for order in the court. Simmons tells everyone to shut up. JBL says we will take a short recess and then he will announce the verdict. Long walks off and says he's got to pee, playa. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and JBL is issuing his verdict. He can't hold Otis responsible for what Miz accused him of because it's his job description as a WWE Superstar and if that were the case, he and Ron would be in jail for life. As far as MITB negligence, it's in the contract that he has one year to cash in. JBL is about to rule in Otis' favor but Miz interrupts and asks to introduce one more key piece of evidence. JBL argues but Miz says JBL really wants to see this. Bailiff Simmons brings a black briefcase from Miz to JBL. JBL opens it and we hear a "ca-ching!" sound go off.

JBL looks in the black briefcase and chuckles. In light of the new evidence, JBL has no other option but to rule in favor of Miz. Miz celebrates with Morrison. JBL announces that Otis must face Miz at WWE Hell in a Cell with the MITB briefcase up for grabs. JBL was just bribed with cash. Heavy Machinery isn't happy but Miz and Morrison celebrate. Simmons yells out, "Damn!" That ends the segment.

- We get a video package for Murphy vs. Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins vs. Murphy

We go back to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins to boos. Back to commercial.

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