WWE news: The greatest Hell in a Cell moments of all time ranked

Hell in a Cell returns on Sunday. 

Matches inside WWE's demonic structure are always exciting, given the danger that surrounds the superstars in the ring. 

This year, we'll see at least three bouts take place inside the cell at the namesake PPV. 

Bayley will defend the SmackDown Women's Championship against Sasha Banks, Drew McIntyre will meet Randy Orton for the WWE title and Roman Reigns battles Jey Uso in an 'I Quit' match. 

There's certainly potential to see some classics unfold on Sunday. 

But each match will have a lot to live up to. Some of WWE's greatest ever moments have taken place inside Hell in a Cell. 

Ahead of this weekend's PPV, we've picked out 10 to remember. Let's check them out.

Undertaker features on the list

10. Roman Reigns spears Bray Wyatt through a table - 2015

The 'Tribal Chief' is no stranger to the cell. In October 2015, he ended an epic, long-running feud with Bray Wyatt inside the structure.

In one incredible moment, Reigns speared his opponent off the ring apron and through a table, which eventually led to him picking up the win.

9. The Undertaker chokeslams Edge off a ladder, sending him through the ring - 2008

Hell in a Cell offered a fitting end to another long-running feud back in 2008 when Edge and The Undertaker met at SummerSlam.

Their match was full of exciting moments and big spots, but none better than the one that finished the match.

Standing on top of two ladders in the centre of the ring, The Phenom quite literally Chokeslammed Edge to hell, sending him straight through the canvas. Epic.

8. Mick Foley is sent through the cell roof by Triple H - 2000

We all remember Foley's infamous match with The Undertaker in 1998, but two years later, he took on Triple H inside the cell again.

This was billed as the Hardcore Legend's retirement match and during it, he attempted to piledrive The Game on top of the cell.

But Triple H reversed the move, sending Foley falling to the ring. Unlike two years before, this spot was completely planned. 

7. The Undertaker Chokeslams Rikishi off of the Cell - 2000

Along with Foley, Undertaker's name will be appearing a few more times on this list. But one cell moment at Armageddon 2000 is well worth a mention.

It was the first six-man HIAC match in WWE history - and the most exciting spot saw Undertaker Chokeslam Rikishi off the cell roof.

It's not as bad as it sounds though, as Rikishi landed on a truck that Vince McMahon had conveniently parked by the cell door whilst trying to knock it down. 

6. Shawn Michaels is sent through the announce table in the first-ever HIAC match - 1997

Undertaker vs Mankind may be the most iconic Hell in a Cell match, but it wasn't the first.

It was actually Shawn Michaels who had the honour - if you can call it that - of facing The Deadman inside a cell.

After brawling everywhere - in the ring, outside of the cage, on top of the cage, Undertaker ended everything by throwing Michaels off the side of the structure.

5. Kane's debut in the first-ever HIAC match - 1997

The first-ever cell match was iconic for more than one reason. At Bad Blood in 1997, Kane made his WWF debut by interrupting the above match.

Paul Bearer accompanied him to the ring before Kane literally ripped the cell door off and hit his 'brother' with a Tombstone Piledriver.

His actions sparked a rivalry that would last well over a decade and introduced the world to one of wrestling's best gimmicks. 

4. Triple H and Shawn Michaels end their rivalry - 2004

The battle between Triple H and HBK could well have been the best cell match in history - if Foley vs Undertaker wasn't so memorable.

The pair spent over 45 minutes beating the life out of each other, in a true Attitude Era style bout - as the Bad Blood PPV lived up to its name.

This match ended their two-year rivalry and there were so many great spots that it would be impossible to even try and list all of them. So just enjoy the highlights instead!

3. Shane McMahon jumps off the cell at WrestleMania 32 - 2016

Fighting for his stake in the WWE business, Shane McMahon agreed to a HIAC match at WrestleMania 32 against, you guessed it, The Undertaker.

Their match lasted half an hour and the biggest spot of WrestleMania 32 came when Shane set up his opponent on the announce table before climbing to the top of the cell.

After looking over the edge, he dusted himself off and got ready to jump. Leading with his elbow, he flew 20 feet down and crashed through the table, a split second after 'Taker rolled out the way.

2. The Undertaker sends Mankind through the announce table from the top of the cell - 1998

There's no way this wasn't going to make the list. In the second biggest moment from their classic in 1998, The Deadman threw Foley off the top of the cell and onto the announce table.

The spot triggered Jim Ross to shout his now infamous line: "Good God almighty! Good God almighty! That killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half!"

Foley was stretched away as fans and The Phenom looked on in disbelief. But moments later, he returned and climbed to the top of the cage... and we all know what happened next. 

1. Mick Foley falls through the cell roof - 1998

The most memorable moment in the history of Hell in a Cell, or perhaps even WWE.

We all know the story. When The Undertaker chokeslammed Foley on top of the cell, it was not supposed to break.

But it did and Foley fell straight through onto the ring. Somehow though, he managed to walk away with minimal injuries.

Once again, JR's commentary became famous, as he shouted "Good God... Good God! Will somebody stop the damn match? Enough's enough!"

But no one stopped the match. Foley carried on with a dislocated jaw and the bout ended as planned. What a warrior.  

Let's hope for some more memorable moments at Hell in a Cell on Sunday. 

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