*Spoiler* WWE duplicated fans in ThunderDome during SmackDown

*Spoiler* WWE duplicated fans in ThunderDome during SmackDown

In recent weeks, one of the great news that has brought a breath of fresh air to the weekly WWE shows, as well as the monthly PPVs of the company, has certainly been the ThunderDome created by McMahons at the Amway Center in Orlando, with the new recording venue of the weekly tapings that it seems will still be the home of WWE for some time, at least until the end of November, with the federation that according to numerous online sources may have even negotiated a new agreement until the end of the year.

In the last period, however, there would have been some misunderstandings with the company's ThunderDome, with several fans who in fact would have been filmed while wearing merchandising from competing WWE companies, with the AEW on all that made it the master and with several "pranksters" who in fact let themselves be filmed by their cameras wearing T-shirts bearing the famous brand of the company of the Khans on display before the WWE moderators found them and banned them from the ThunderDome.

WWE introduced the ThunderDome so fans could virtually attend their events

After complaints from some fans that they allegedly had seen themselves live on a day and show where they were not chosen by the WWE ThunderDome as their virtual audience, with WWE then showing a taped replica of the live audience in another show, apparently, the umpteenth problem is said to have affected the computer sector of the Stamford-based company, with some pretty strange images that were broadcast in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown tonight.

During the match of Chad Gable, who has returned to be called that, abandoning the gimmick of Shorty G and apparently also the in-ring competitions after saying the words "I Quit", after the lost contest, several fans from home they would have noticed that the ThunderDome screens were broadcasting some split images, with some fans being shown two or more times, increasing the number of people connected.

As you can see in the image below, that mistake would have become quite clear during Smackdown, with WWE management may have deliberately chosen to implement that strategy, once again filling its arena, as it did live with the fans who were moved to an area of ​​the arena being filmed when those seats were empty, or maybe it could have been a simple mistake or computer error, which would have duplicated fan screens without the company knowing anything.

During SmackDown this week, eagle-eyed fans noticed that WWE was doubling up images in the ThunderDome. As was seen, one fan was duplicated right in the camera’s view. WWE has a lot of fans who want to get into the ThunderDome each week.

It’s unlikely that they have to do this kind of thing very often, but it happened during SmackDown this week. You can check out the photo below for proof.

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