Former WWE Talent Says Several Current WWE Stars Looking To Join Impact Wrestling

Even though the mass exodus of WWE Superstars seems to have stopped, one released star says a number of current WWE talents are looking to leave and join Impact Wrestling.

During an interview with, Heath Slater talked about how several WWE stars have reached out to him and expressed their interest in joining Impact Wrestling. He notes that they've contacted him to see complain about being locked into their WWE contracts and can't wait to be free and clear of their deals so they have an opportunity to follow his lead. He explains:

"They know when they are locked down under contract, they can’t get out. That’s the bottom line. You may have well signed yourself up for the military.

Heath also said talents that aren't under contract with WWE any longer are starting to reach out as well. Many of them are wondering if there are openings and what it's like to work with IMPACT. He said, "The WWE crew, some of them have been like, ‘Man, that would be awesome to do this, but I still got a year-and-a-half or another year.’" He noted all he tells them is that time flies. He sais, "I’m like, ‘Remember what you’re saying because years go by pretty fast. So if you really want to, I might know a guy.’ The interest is there for sure."

Who Does Heath Want to See Join?

Heath did note that he's hoping one particular former WWE star will reach out. He believes Joe Hennig (formerly Curtis Axel) could do quite well.

He said:

"I would like to see Joe Hennig over here. Mr. Perfect’s son. I would like to see him come over to Impact. I’ve talked to him, but he is doing his thing right now and enjoying life. I don’t blame him. Do you buddy. He is one of my best friends and a hell of a worker."

It doesn't appear WWE is set to do any more major talent cuts so the stars looking to leave may need to wait it out. And, since IMPACT picked up a ton of former WWE talents, it's hard to know how many more they have room for.

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