AEW Dynamite Results - 10/28/20 (Tournament Semifinals, Two Championship Matches)

AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite Results
October 28, 2020

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Dasha interviews MJF and Wardlow backstage and MJF says how proud he is of Wardlow, but he also says that if Wardlow becomes the champion he will become the World Champion because Wardlow is under contract to him and Wardlow’s property becomes MJF’s property. Sammy Guevara walks up and throws the Inner Circle jacket MJF gave up and says he is going to make sure MJF never joins the group. MJF taunts Sammy and says he looks like a guy that sells Adderall to middle schoolers.

World Title Eliminator Tournament Semifinals
Wardlow (9-1) vs. “Hangman” Adam Page (4-0)

Page attacks Wardlow with a Shotgun Dropkick as soon as he climbed in the ring. Page hits a series of forearms but Wardlow shoves him away and then destroys him with a big right hand. Wardlow beats on Page in the corner. Wardlow goes for the F10 but Page blocks it only for Wardlow to toss him back into the corner and beat him down again.

Wardlow goes for a Splash but Page moves and then knocks Wardlow out to the apron. Page hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking Wardlow to the floor and then goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Wardlow catches him. Page escapes Wardlow and shoves him into the ring post. That pisses Wardlow off and he Spears Page through a barricade into the front row.

Wardlow rolls back into the ring and Page almost gets counted out but manages to roll back in right before 10. Wardlow hits a Powerslam for a nearfall and continues to punish him with right hands and stomps. Wardlow hits a Release Vertical Suplex followed by a Gutwrench Bomb for another nearfall.

Wardlow attempts to Chokeslam Page off the top rope but Page counters into a Hanging Armbar over the top rope. When Page releases the hold Wardlow knees him in the gut and then Suplexes him back in the ring. Wardlow goes up top and attempts a Swanton Bomb but Page rolls out of the way causing Wardlow to splat on the mat. Page hits a clothesline but as he goes for another one he eats one from Wardlow. Wardlow kicks Page and then goes for a Release German Suplex, but Page lands on his feet and clotheslines Wardlow over the top rope.

Page hits a Golden Moonsault off the top onto Wardlow on the floor. Page rolls Wardlow back in the ring and hits a Running Shooting Star Press but only gets a one count. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Wardlow ducks and counters into a Shortarm Clothesline for a close nearfall.

Wardlow hits the F10 but Page manages to roll out of the ring to the floor to avoid the pin, which frustrates Wardlow. Wardlow drags Page back up to the apron and then to the top rope and goes for a Super F10, but Page elbows him and counters into a Super Fall Away Slam! Page connects with the Buckshot Lariat followed by a second one for the pin!

Winner: Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

Jon Moxley says that he has defended his title with everything he’s had this year to try and help cultivate the championship to make it the most prestigious title in the business. Moxley says he isn’t defending the World Title at Full Gear, he’s going to be weaponizing it. He says there is no room for “this” Eddie Kinston in AEW. He says AEW is for the best athletes in the world that do the work and put their asses on the line every week. Moxley says he will have to say the words “I quit” and it will be a painful realization when he does to him what he has done to everyone else in AEW. He says he crushes windpipes, crushes necks and crushes egos.


Eddie Kingston comes out and says he is sick and tired of talking, he wants to fight. He screams at the camera man to get out of “his world” and leave the ring. He says that Jon Moxley isn’t here because he is a coward, so instead he will take on the man that tried to steal his thunder in the Casino Battle Royal. Kingston reminds us that he was never eliminated from that tournament.

Eddie Kingston (4-2) w/Butcher & Blade vs. “ReBourne” Matt Sydal (4-1)

Kingston and Sydal chain wrestling early on and Sydal gets the better of it with a series of armdrags and then he locks in an Armbar. Kingston fights back up breaks the hold with a series of elbows. Sydal manages to catch Kingston with a rollup for a nearfall and then a Spinning Back Kick. Sydal hits a Flying Knee in the corner for a one count.

Sydal tries to put Kingston in a Cobra Clutch but Kingston fights it off with a series of elbows. Sydal goes for a Spinning Heel Kick but Kingston catches him and hits a Side Slam.


Kingston lights Sydal up with chops and elbows but Sydal fights back with a Leaping Knee Strike followed by a Roundhouse Kick for a nearfall. Sydal hits a Leaping Rana off the top on Kingston followed by Meteora off the top for a nearfall. Sydal rolls Kingston up for another nearfall and then immediately catches Kingston for a Crucifix for another nearfall. Kingston catches Sydal with the Spinning Back Fist and then puts him in the Bulldog Choke for the submission.

Winner: Kingston via submission (Bulldog Choke)

Kingston keeps the hold on Sydal after the match and screams for “Moxley” to say “I Quit.” Finally Sydal says it and he releases the hold. “I’m sorry, Mox,” Kingston said.

Excalibur sits down with FTR and The Young Bucks for an interview. FTR are in a separate location, along with Tully Blanchard. Matt Jackson says his ankle is fine and that an injury isn’t going to keep him out of the match with FTR. Excalibur asks FTR why they would put a match that has been brewing for years in jeopardy. Cash says he doesn’t care about any dream matches, all they care about is being tag champions.

The Bucks mock Excalibur when he says that he has known them for years and Matt says that’s the only reason he has a job. Matt says that they aren’t proud of the way they’ve acted lately, he doesn’t regret it. He says that they have been suffering for months and they’ve been missing an edge and the minute “these pricks” started messing with their livelihood and started screwing with their friends something clicked with them. He says the old Young Bucks are back.

FTR get pissed when Excalibur starts to ask the Bucks another question and walks off the set. Nick Jackson says they have more to lose than just a title and they offer the stipulation for the match that if they don’t win then they can never challenge for those belts again. Matt says that they have succeeded because they have always bet on themselves.


Dasha and Tony Schiavone are hosting a “town hall” between the Inner Circle and MJF over whether MJF should join the group. Luchasaurus asks the first question and asks MJF how he can contribute the earning potential for Inner Circle. MJF shows a chart that would show the earnings pre MJF and post MJF that would go way up.

Dr. Britt Baker asks the next question, she says MJF has a terrible track record with friendships and asks Jericho how that makes him feel. Jericho says he isn’t a “dipshit” like Cody Rhodes and if he tried to turn on him they would knock MJF’s teeth down his throat. MJF says he just wants to help them make more money, he doesn’t want to turn on them.

Peter Avalon gets the next question and asks to join the group but they laugh at him. Eric Bischoff is next and quotes JFK while asking MJF what he can do for the Inner Circle. MJF responds by saying, “friendship.” Bischoff asks MJF what he thinks Inner Circle can do for him and MJF says he has one dent in his armor and that is that he may not be the best team player but he thinks once he joins the group he can learn to be. Bischoff says he worked with Jericho for many years and calls him a “prima dona” which sets Jericho off until Tony screams at him to shutup. Bischoff says that MJF possesses some of Jericho’s “prima dona” characteristics and asks what the guarantee is that they just don’t end up killing each other.

Jericho asks MJF why they should believe he wouldn’t stab them in the back which pisses MJF off. MJF says that he gave Jericho the best segment of his entire career and he asks Jericho what he hasn’t done in the business. Jericho says he has never beaten him and he’s going to give him a chance to do it at Full Gear. If MJF wins then he can join the group. MJF says he will do whatever it takes to win and he will do anything to win.

Ortiz finally gets pissed off and tells MJF to shut the hell up and says that all he does is run his mouth. Ortiz says MJF has no shot to get into the group and he challenges MJF to a tag team match pitting he and Sammy against MJF and Wardlow next week. He says that MJF won’t make it to Full Gear.

Taz says that Team Taz is about victories, championships and money and he thinks Will Hobbs is money. Taz says that he is big, fast and mean as hell and that fits into Team Taz. Taz says that the clock is ticking and he needs to make a decision soon. Cage asks if he is in or out.


TNT Championship
Lumberjack Match
“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (c) (19-2-1) w/The Nightmare Family vs. Orange Cassidy (9-5-1) w/Best Friends

Various AEW wrestlers are surrounding ringside, including Dark Order, Hybrid 2.0, Billy Gunn, Jurassic Express, Will Hobbs, The Nightmare Family, Best Friends and others. OC immediately goes for the Orange Punch but Cody counters into a CrossRhodes attempt. Cody blocks it and attempts to reverse into the Mouse Trap but Cody escapes and the two stare each other down.

OC pretends like he is going to put his hands in his pockets but instead catches Cody with a Side Headlock Takeover. OC outwrestles Cody early on showing off his mat wrestling skills and countering every time Cody attempts to reverse a hold. Cody manages to Hip Toss OC into the turnbuckles. Dark Order attempts to trip Cody which allows OC to catch him with a Backslide for a nearfall.

Cody kicks OC in the knee and then hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex before taunting him with pushups. Arn Anderson gets pissed at Cody and tells him to pin OC and “get serious.” Cody gets a two-count and then attempts a Vertical Suplex but OC reverses it into his own Delayed Vertical Suplex. Cody rolls to the floor but the babyfaces don’t attack him. OC goes for a dive but Cody slides into the ring and Best Friends keep the heels away from him.

As OC tries to get back in the ring Cody grabs his leg and hits a Dragonscrew Leg Whip on OC in the ropes. Cody tries to toss him to the floor but Best Friends catch him and put him back in the ring. OC avoids a charging Cody and Best Friends catch him, too only to drop him. OC hits a Flying Cross Body on Cody and then goes for a Spinning DDT but Cody blocks it and goes for a Figure Four. OC blocks it and then catches Cody with the Satellite DDT for a nearfall.

OC goes up top and attempts a Diving Splash but Cody gets his knees up. Cody clotheslines OC and both men fall to the floor. The babyfaces surround both guys and toss them back in the ring.


All hell has broken lose with all the lumberjacks fighting on the outside. Cody Superplexes OC off the top onto all the lumberjacks in an absolutely ridiculous spot! Cody rolls OC back in the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Cody hits the Cody Cutter for another nearfall. Cody destroys OC with a Lariat but OC comes back with a Slumdog Millionaire followed by a Diving DDT off the top! OC hits the Beach Break! 1…2…NO Cody kicks out!

Dark Order hits the ring and attacks OC and Cody hits the CrossRhdoes for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Cody via pinfall (CrossRhodes)

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