Wade Barrett: 5 Reasons He Should Stay With NXT (& 5 Reasons He Shouldn't)

Former Nexus leader Wade Barrett made his random return to WWE recently, joining the commentary team of the black-and-gold brand. Barrett lent his voice to NXT, alongside Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix, and did a really terrific job during his time in the commentary booth.

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Barrett received a ton of praise from both fans and fellow wrestlers and it was a role that he certainly seemed comfortable doing. So now the question is whether or not this will become a full-time role for him within WWE or should he move onto performing other activities in the company?

10 Should Stay: Character Work

WWE should be desperate to keep Wade Barrett because his biggest skillset is his talking. Wade was always a terrific promo and that has translated into commentary as well, which is why he is such a good fit.

He's always been brilliant at pushing a character, whether it be King of the Ring, leading Nexus or providing Bad News to people. That could work really nicely for a commentary role and is something that could really benefit the company.

9 Shouldn't Stay: Acting Career

Since leaving WWE, Wade Barrett's big focus has been on his acting career and that is something that he's put a lot of attention into. If he was to return to WWE and the schedule the company keeps, he wouldn't be able to just leave for several months to film.

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He would basically be putting the acting on the back burner, at least from a full-time perspective, and right now that may not be something he's willing to do.

8 Should Stay: Potential Storylines To Wrestle

Wade Barrett might not have been very active in the ring since his original WWE departure, but that doesn't mean he is retired. The Englishman has never said those words and that means there is a chance he will get back into the ring once again.

That is a great reason to keep him around because seeing Wade Barrett wrestle in NXT is something that audiences would love. He's a big enough name that it would get a lot of people talking and that is something none of the other commentators in NXT can offer.

7 Shouldn't Stay: Full-Time Wrestling Elsewhere

Wade Barrett wrestling in NXT would be very interesting to see, but everybody knows how his booking will go in WWE. He was there for long enough, being booked as a mid-card talent throughout the majority of his run.

If Barrett is interested in getting back into the ring, there are a lot of other options such as NWA, IMPACT, and AEW that could offer just as much to him and be far fresher.

6 Should Stay: Help Young Talent

Something that would be a big bonus for WWE is the fact that Wade Barrett is incredibly experienced at all levels of the company. He's been involved in hot main event angles, he's been a comedic talent, a mid-card champion, and that experience is really valuable.

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He could not only work as a commentator for the company, but Barrett would really be able to help the younger wrestlers in adapting their skills for their careers, especially in the promo department.

5 Shouldn't Stay: Previous WWE Treatment

While Wade Barrett always had a spot on the card throughout his entire WWE career, outside of him being the Nexus leader, he wasn't exactly treated like a top tier talent.

Even though his return would see him taking the role of a commentator, there are no guarantees he would get the respect that he deserves, which could be a reason for him to avoid signing a full-time deal.

4 Should Stay: Potential NXT UK Work

Just because Wade Barrett has appeared on NXT so far doesn't mean that he has to be exclusive to that show. NXT UK is set to make its return in September and Barrett would be an obvious fit to boost that brand.

As a commentator, he would generate some real star power for the show, especially if he was to get into the ring as that would be a huge draw, especially considering he is English himself.

3 Shouldn't Stay: NXT Already Has Commentators

Obviously, nothing can stay exactly the same forever and WWE does have to freshen things up every now and then. However, that doesn't mean there is currently room for Wade Barrett on a full-time basis.

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Barrett was only filling in for Mauro Ranallo, who has now left the company, but that doesn't mean the spot is open. Nigel McGuinness also worked a lot with the NXT brand, and therefore that job could very much still be there for him, meaning there isn't much space for Wade right now.

2 Should Stay: He's Great On The Mic

From a WWE perspective, it seems like a no-brainer to keep Wade Barrett around on a full-time basis. He is someone who fans love and has always managed to connect with an audience. The former King of the Ring winner is great at commentating and can work as a babyface or a heel.

He can provide great details on storylines all while being able to talk about things from a wrestler's perspective, which is something fans love to hear. WWE should always want the very best people employed, and Barrett has already shown he could be one of the very best behind the announcer's desk.

1 Shouldn't Stay: NWA Work

WWE bringing Wade Barrett back to commentate wasn't as random as some fans might think. That's because prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was actually working for the NWA as a commentator, which was a role he was relishing in.

Barrett appearing in WWE has certainly brought question marks over that job and if he's still employed by the National Wrestling Alliance. However, Barrett really added something to a growing brand, and it would be a shame for him to just leave that behind for when NWA returns.

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