Velveteen Dream Returns to Twitter

As we reported here in SUPER FIGHTS, Velveteen Dream had an exchange of blows with KUSHIDA after he attacked him as retaliation for the attack that Dream made a couple of weeks ago. But what has given more to talk about has been but, no. But the fact that Dream returned to post on social networks in more than two months. Not only on his Instagram - where comments are blocked - but also on Twitter, where his ex-fans and detractors took the opportunity to attack him for the accusations of alleged inappropriate behavior with minors, and although said behaviors legally they would have no consequences, fans of WWE consider that there should be a moral sanction and that the company must fire him.

Velveteen Dream and Triple H / WWE
Velveteen Dream and Triple H / WWE

► Can Velveteen Dream someday overcome the shadow it has in its being?

And that first tweet caused MORE controversy, not only because Dream "dared" to tweet, but because apparently he made a play on words to poke fun at the Twitter trend #FireVelveteenDream, with which it asks WWE to fire him and it's been a trend since his return to NXT.

- Wrestling News: This was the tweet posted by Velveteen Dream tonight. He then just deleted it.

- Velveteen Dream: Look, I was on fire (which means "fire" in Spanish. I miss you, Mauro). Good night! Dream.

velveteen dream vs ashante adonis nxt september 8, 2020 2

For those who do not understand, Dream explains that "Fuego" means "fire" in English, which is also the return of pronouncing and writing "dismiss", since remember that a word can have several meanings. Of course, the fans took it as a mockery towards those who ask for his dismissal, so they dispatched themselves against him. Do you consider it a joke or not?

And also the fans They responded to his tweet by insulting him and accusing him of being someone who acts indecently with young people. WWE also mentioned Dream in a tweet, and fans responded calling for his dismissal and attacking Dream:

"Having KUSHIDA beat Dream: Thank you".

"The Twitter timeline as soon as an abuser appears".

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