Roma vs. Juventus live stream: Schedule, time for Matchday 2 clash on DAZN Canada

So far, so good for Juventus.

The Serie A giant opened its 2020-21 season with a comprehensive 3-0 victory over Sampdoria. Dejan Kulusevski, Leonardo Bonucci and Cristiano Ronaldo were on target as the Bianconeri rolled to their first of, likely, many victories this season.

It was nothing that wasn't expected of Juve, but Matchday 2 presents a tougher challenge for the nine-time defending champion — on paper, at least.

Roma's no Sampdoria, but on Matchday 1 the Giallorossi didn't fare any better. At Verona to open the season, Roma fell 3-0 to the home side after falling apart in the second half. It was a stunning collapse from a Roma team that fancies itself among the best of the rest of Serie A following a fifth-place finish in the 2019-20 campaign.

Now, the capital city club is faced with the unenviable task of needing a win against visiting Juventus in order to avoid going 0-2 to open the campaign. It's a tall task, for sure, but Roma will be motivated to right the ship while also claiming an early victory agaist the odds-on favourites.

Here's everything you need to know about the Matchday 2 broadcast.

Roma vs. Juventus start time

  • Date: Sunday, Sept. 27
  • Kickoff: 2:45 p.m. ET

Kickoff at Stadio Olimpico is set for 2:45 p.m. ET.

Roma vs. Juventus: TV channel, live stream in Canada

  • TV channel: —
  • Live stream: DAZN

Roma vs. Juventus — like every Serie A match — is available on DAZN.

DAZN isn't a traditional TV channel but a live-streaming sports platform. In addition to Serie A, DAZN Canada offers coverage of the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, both live and on demand, plus every NFL regular-season and playoff game.

How to watch Juventus vs. Sampdoria on DAZN

In Canada, DAZN offers new customers a 30-day free-trial period. You can learn how to sign up for a free trial here.

The free-trial period would include the Roma vs. Juventus match, plus access to all of DAZN's live and on-demand programming, including Matchday 2 action.

Following the free trial, a DAZN subscription is $20 CAD a month or $150 CAD a year.

DAZN is available on web browsers at, plus many popular streaming devices, including: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire tablet, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, LG Smart TV, Panasonic Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Xbox.

Serie A Matchday 2 schedule

Date Match/Result Time Live stream
Sept. 26 Torino 2, Atalanta 4 9 a.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 26 Sampdoria 2, Beneveto 3 12 p.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 26 Cagliari 0, Lazio 2 12 p.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 26 Inter 4, Fiorentina 3 2:45 p.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 27 Spezia vs. Sassuolo 6:30 a.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 27 Verona vs. Udinese 9 a.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 27 Napoli vs. Genoa 9 a.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 27 Crotone vs. Milan 12 p.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 27 Roma vs. Juventus 2:45 p.m. ET DAZN
Sept. 28 Bologna vs. Parma 2:45 p.m. ET DAZN

Juventus schedule 2020-21

Date Match Time/TV
Sept. 20 Juventus 3, Sampdoria 0 2:45 p.m. ET (DAZN)
Sept. 27 Roma vs. Juventus 2:45 p.m. ET (DAZN)
Oct. 4 Juventus vs. Napoli 2:45 p.m. ET (DAZN)
Oct. 17 Crotone vs. Juventus 2:45 a.m. ET (DAZN)
Oct. 24 Juventus vs. Verona TBD (DAZN)
Oct. 31 Spezia vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Nov. 7 Lazio vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Nov. 21 Juventus vs. Cagliari TBD (DAZN)
Nov. 28 Beneveto vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 5 Juventus vs. Torino TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 12 Genoa vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 15 Juventus vs. Atalanta TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 19 Parma vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 22 Juventus vs. Fiorentina TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 2 Juventus vs. Udinese TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 5 Milan vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 9 Juventus vs. Sassuolo TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 16 Inter vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 23 Juventus vs. Bologna TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 30 Sampdoria vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 6 Juventus vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 13 Napoli vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 20 Juventus vs. Crotone TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 22 Verona vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
March 2 Juventus vs. Spezia TBD (DAZN)
March 6 Juventus vs. Lazio TBD (DAZN)
March 13 Cagliari vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
March 20 Juventus vs. Beneveto TBD (DAZN)
April 2 Torino vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
April 10 Juventus vs. Genoa TBD (DAZN)
April 17 Atalanta vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
April 20 Juventus vs. Parma TBD (DAZN)
April 24 Fiorentina vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
May 1 Udinese vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
May 8 Juventus vs. Milan TBD (DAZN)
May 11 Sassuolo vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)
May 15 Juventus vs. Inter TBD (DAZN)
May 22 Bologna vs. Juventus TBD (DAZN)

Roma schedule 2020-21

Date Match Time/TV
Sept. 19 Verona 3, Roma 0 12 p.m. (DAZN)
Sept. 27 Roma vs. Juventus 2:45 p.m. (DAZN)
Oct. 3 Udinese vs. Roma 2:45 p.m. (DAZN)
Oct. 18 Roma vs. Beneveto 2:45 p.m. (DAZN)
Oct. 25 Milan vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Nov. 1 Roma vs. Fiorentina TBD (DAZN)
Nov. 8 Genoa vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Nov. 22 Roma vs. Parma TBD (DAZN)
Nov. 29 Napoli vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 6 Roma vs. Sassuolo TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 13 Bologna vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 16 Roma vs. Torino TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 20 Atalanta vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Dec. 23 Roma vs. Cagliari TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 3 Roma vs. Sampdoria TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 6 Crotone vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 10 Roma vs. Inter TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 17 Lazio vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 24 Roma vs. Spezia TBD (DAZN)
Jan. 31 Roma vs. Verona TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 7 Juventus vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 14 Roma vs. Udinese TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 21 Beneveto vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
Feb. 28 Roma vs. Milan TBD (DAZN)
March 3 Fiorentina vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
March 7 Roma vs. Genoa TBD (DAZN)
March 14 Parma vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
March 21 Roma vs. Napoli TBD (DAZN)
April 3 Sassuolo vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
April 11 Roma vs. Bologna TBD (DAZN)
April 18 Torino vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
April 21 Roma vs. Atalanta TBD (DAZN)
April 25 Cagliari vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
May 2 Sampdoria vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
May 9 Roma vs. Crotone TBD (DAZN)
May 12 Inter vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)
May 16 Roma vs. Lazio TBD (DAZN)
May 23 Spezia vs. Roma TBD (DAZN)

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