Photo: AEW's Logo Pops Up in the WWE Thunderdome During WWE Raw

It looks like All Elite Wrestling's logo made its way into the WWE Thunderdome during the latest edition of WWE Monday Night Raw! WWE Thunderdome has been a major undertaking for the company as they have invited fans to virtually appear in the crowd around the WWE Superstars, but as many had suspected when this was first announced, it's not exactly a system that works well with live television. Just like the kind of issues that could crop up with a live audience, the Thunderdome screens have seen a few unwanted cameos over the weeks since its inception.

Some of these cameos have been cute such as a stuffed Pikachu making its way to one of the screens, and some have been full of disturbing imagery definitely not suitable for television. But this latest "cameo" is probably going to disturb those working behind the scenes at the WWE for different reasons.

As spotted by @AC_MACO on Twitter, it appears as if AEW's logo appeared on one of the screens in the Thunderdome during the match between Apollo Crews, Ricochet, Mustafa Ali, and the Hurt Business. With the logo not being seen so after, it's clear that the Thunderdome team acted just as quickly to remove the logo as other non-fan screens.

The Thunderdome concept has been received with a split response among fans as some feel that it's no real replacement for live crowds in attendance. But considering the highly negative response to WWE shows without any crowd interaction at all, this virtual set up is probably a happy medium that still allows for the crowd energy moments that fans of the WWE (and the superstars themselves) crave.

As for All Elite Wrestling, they have been experimenting with smaller audiences and live shows with various social distancing restrictions. Factually speaking, WWE is a much larger entity with far more risks to factor in before they can even think about allowing crowded events during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. WWE will be continuing its Thunderdome events for a while, but WWE is probably hoping screen shenanigans happen as little as possible going forward. But what do you think of it all? Let us know your thoughts about AEW's logo popping up in the comments!

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