AEW News: Why Brodie Lee doesn't want to parody Vince McMahon

AEW star Brodie Lee decided to move away from being too close to parodying his former boss.

AEW wrestler Brodie Lee, f.k.a. Luke Harper, and now the leader of Dark Order has got queries if his character parodied WWE’s Chairman Vince McMahon and the superstar denied it back in the day. During his recent interview with WrestlingInc. the former member of The Wyatt Family has revealed that it was a representation of his former boss. He said,

“Obviously, there was a couple of little Easter eggs and things that people could very easily pick up on, but as a whole, the character was never meant to be a Vince McMahon parody. But there was definitely a couple of jabs his way in the early going. Once I realised that that was everything that people were going to talk about, I wanted to get away from that as quickly as possible because I wanted it to be more about me more about my identity and more about my journey to where we’re going. I didn’t want to be seen as that bitter ex-employee. I don’t want that label on me whatsoever.”

Credit: Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast 

It is known to all that Vince is very particular about his style and approach, but no one knew it until the news came out in public. Vince doesn’t like it when someone finishes food before him on the table, and neither does he like a sneeze when he is around. Brodie Lee depicted the same when he took over as the leader of The Dark Order.

The Exalted One has given us memorable segments and moments which include board room meetings like Vince as well as dressing up as his former boss. Brodie Lee has got more exposure in All Elite Wrestling in a few months than his entire tenure in the WWE.

Vince McMahon likes to run things his way, and Brodie depicted the same when he took over as the boss of this new faction. His work was good, and it enticed the fans to understand his depiction. With this revelation by AEW TNT Champion, one can rest assured that there will be more fun coming our way in days to come.

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