WATCH: Seth Rollins tortures Dominik Mysterio's Family at SummerSlam

Seth Rollins vs Dominik Mysterio was really something else. Both Superstars took each other to the next limit and put on a brilliant show for the virtual audience.

However, the limits of Seth Rollins ended up being far higher than that of Dominik, as “The Monday Night Messiah” emerged victorious from the Street Fight.

Seth Rollins & Murphy brutalize Dominik Mysterio with Kendo sticks ...

Earlier today, it was announced that Rey Mysterio would not be allowed to interfere in the match at any cost, giving Rollins a free way to act as he pleased. Dominik was in serious trouble because Murphy could interfere if needed.

To get the ball rolling, Rollins wore the same costume design as Rey Mysterio did back in 1997 for Haloween Havoc. Let the mind games begin!

Seth Rollins made sure Dominik suffered, and also made sure that his father watched. He brought the pain to Dominik suing the Kendo stick multiple times on his opponent. 

The Kendo stick, which has become a recurring weapon in the feud, was used by both superstars to full effect. Dominik managed to turn the tide on Rollins on multiple occasions.

Despite not having much wrestling experience, Dominik seemed like he had been doing it for years. His well-timed moves along with the swiftness and agility made it look like clockwork for him.

His grit wasn’t enough sadly, and Rollins made Rey Mysterio watch as he finished off his son and pinned him.

Seth Rollins sends a message to Dominik Mysterio featuring a ...

Seth Rollins has been an iconic heel

Seth Rollins has been an amazing heel so far. He truly gives justice to that name and has been a great fit in the role. 

His feud against Rey Mysterio was one thing, but his ability to work with Dominik and sell it so well is really astounding. His work may really be underrated for what’s its worth.

In the ring, “The Monday Night Messiah” spared no brutality against Dominik and viciously attacked him with the Kendo Stick. He did it in such a way, that every hit was meant to be a personal message to Rey Mysterio.

“The master of the 619” could only watch as his son was painfully hammered towards the end. Such is the raw character Rollins brings into his matches.

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As for Dominik, he does bring justice to the Mysterio name. We could see him really building up a big storyline to carry on his father’s legacy in WWE. This feud was never going to end at SummerSlam and there are a lot of Kendo stick showdowns yet to happen.

For now, Seth Rollins has truly shown his worth as a Superstar and a heel. He can walk away safe, knowing that he has once again beaten the Mysterios.

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