Various News: wXw Say They Are Still An Independent Promotion, Top 10 Smackdown Moments ...

– Even though content from the company debuted on the WWE Network today, wXw claimed on Twitter that it is still an independent promotion.

It wrote: “15 years ago we were ecstatic drawing more than 200 fans twice a year. Today more than 1,66 million wrestling fans from 186 countries are able to watch wXw events as part of their excisting subscription. This is exciting to us.

We’d like to thank all our wrestlers and staff members over the years who have worked on growing wXw to what it is today. We’d like to thank all our fans who have championed us.

We would like to address 3 of the most frequent questions / rumors and put this our very clearly:

1. There are no changes to #wXwNOW at this time. wXwNOW hosts over 1,500 hours of wXw content.

2. WWE has already confirmed that today’s uploads are the first of more content to come. It is not our position to divulge on when and what is released on the WWE Network.

3. wXw is and will remain an independent wrestling promotion. The ownership structure of our companies remains unchanged. No other company owns us, no other company can purchase us without our consent. All rumors/speculations regarding this are 100% wrong.”

– WWE has posted new videos recapping Smackdown and showing off the top ten moments from last night’s episode.

The Greenville Journal has an article about Austin Idol’s Wrestling Academy.

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