Leighty's 205 Live Review 8.21.20

-Welcome to your weekly dose of what has been the best weekly show produced by the WWE. The big news today is that Talking Smack is returning and I get to resume covering that show. That means a big day tomorrow for me as I will have Talking Smack, a new episode of WWE Untold, FOX SummerSlam Special, and live coverage of AEW. Yes, the WWE guy gets to be the fill in for AEW. The comments section should be fun! As for 205 Live, let’s get to it!

-Announcers: Vic Joseph and Drew Gulak
-Taped/Live?: THUNDERDOME, Orlando, FL

-I didn’t get home in time from work to see SmackDown, so this is sweet to see that 205 Live gets to use The Dome! I assume Main Event will get the honor as well.

Drake Maverick vs. Tehuti Miles

-First impressions are that I like the dome and it certainly looks better than the PC. Miles stalls to start as he spends time on the floor fixing his hair. Finally a lockup to start and Drake gets backed in the corner. Miles offers a clean break and we go again. Miles grounds Maverick and clowns him by walking across his back to his corner where he combs his hair again. Miles gets in a slap and Drake is quite angered. He isn’t playing anymore and hits a basement dropkick that sends Miles to the floor. Drake tosses him into the announce table a few times and then goes over the line by messing with Tehuti’s hair. The man has a family and a wall of virtual fans watching you know! Miles rallies back inside the ring and tosses Drake back first into the ring post from the apron. Instead of following up on the back though he goes to a chinlock as the camera gives us shots of THE DOME! Miles tries a slam, but Drake slides over and gets a roll-up for two. They fight over a backslide and Drake wins that battle for another two count. A sunset flip is rolled through by Miles as he looks for a Crab, but Drake rolls him up for another two count. A little sloppy there! Miles slows things down with a clothesline and then starts dropping elbows. He goes back to his hair and poses for the THUNDERDOME crowd. Miles misses a punch in the corner and gets caught in the midsection with a few blows. Drake gets to his feet and wins a punching contest. He catches Miles with a leg lariat and another. A forearm in the corner into a bulldog followed by a Senton has Miles in trouble. Drake sells the back as he heads up top and comes off with The Flying Elbow. The Underdog finishes at 7:36.

Winner: Drake Maverick via pin at 7:36
-This was solid but I was kind of expecting a bit more. Miles seemed concerned with getting the character over and then was put away rather easily once Drake got on the offense. Solid, but nothing more. **1/4

“The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas

-Atlas turned in a very good performance last week against Daivari and we will see what he can do against a main stay of 205 Live in Tony Nese. The announcers put over that Nese is tired of newcomers trying to steal the spotlight on his show. I can get behind a story like that for Nese. Lockup to start as is the norm and Nese quickly grabs an arm. Atlas is able to escape and gets a side headlock. Gulak brings up that the Nese/Swerve team seemed to have been dropped as Nese is on his own again. To the corner and Nese gets in a chop and then catches a charging Atlas with an elbow. The pace quickens and Atlas cartwheels out of the way to avoid a move and fires off some chops of his own in the corner. Atlas gets an armdrag, rana, and then dropkick for a one count. Atlas took a little too much time going for the cover. He goes for another cover and this time gets two. Atlas back to the ground game with a cravat hold. Nese tries to escape, but Atlas takes him over and gets a roll-up for two. Nese finally breaks the hold with a belly to back suplex. Nese fires away with right hands and a running back elbow gets a two count. Now he goes to the ground game with a neck crank. More wide shots so we can see THUNDERDOME! Atlas gets to his feet and escapes a suplex attempt with a knee to the head. Nese comes back with a nice kick to the head as Atlas tried another roll-up. Nice! Atlas throws some weak shots, but has nothing right now after that kick. Nese goes for another cover, but the ref rightly won’t count as Atlas still has a shoulder off the mat. Nese sends Atlas into the corner, but Atlas charges out with a forearm. Atlas starts to rally with forearms and clotheslines. A springboard blockbuster gets a near fall as this one is starting to pick up a bit. Atlas gets a sunset flip, but Nese holds on to the middle rope and kicks Atlas in the face. Springboard moonsault gets a two count for Nese and he is frustrated. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring and Atlas wins that exchange, but charges into a right hand. Atlas fires up like a man and throws rights. Nese gets sent to the floor off a backdrop and Atlas follows out with a dive. Back inside Atlas heads up top, but Nese smartly rolls to the apron. Atlas drops down to get after Nese and gets caught with a shot to the jaw. Gulak calls it out on commentary and Nese takes time to talk to shout back to Gulak. That proves to be his downfall as Atlas gets a roll-up for the win at 10:39.

Winner: Jake Atlas via pin at 10:39
-Atlas delivers another good match and that was kind of expected as Nese is very good at what he does. Good stuff here from both men. The post match angle was interesting as they do need to run some angles and storylines for the division. ***1/4

-After the match Nese attacks Atlas and hits the running knee. He then tears the announce table apart telling everyone that 205 Live is garbage without him. He calls Atlas a rookie and punk and that’s how this one ends.

-Thanks for reading!

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