Bayley Takes Cheap Shot at Sasha Banks on SmackDown – Big Split Teased for Payback

Sasha Banks and Bayley continue to tease a slow burn towards a massive implosion. After the shenanigans at WWE SummerSlam, the smell of a betrayal has engulfed their camaraderie.

On SmackDown’s latest edition, they took veiled digs at each other to further the subtle heat that’s developing between the two. It started backstage on SmackDown.

Bayley and Sasha met a jubilant Big E who was talking about his encounter with The Miz on Talking Smack. With a cheeky reply to Big E, Bayley took a massive shot at Sasha. She told Big E not to be upset as “some people are only good with tag titles.”

Obviously, this was a cheap shot at Sasha who lost her Raw Women’s Championship on Raw. Later, the two went to the ring. Bayley continued to patronize Sasha. She said that she should have never encouraged her to challenge Asuka. As a friend, she should have known her history with a singles title.

This was another shot at the fact that Sasha has a minuscule figure of 116 days as Champion across her five reigns with the Raw Women’s Championship.

Despite these stinging insults, Sasha kept her calm. She assured Bayley that come Sunday, she will help their team win.

Sasha Banks to take revenge at Payback?

The banter between Sasha and Bayley was interrupted by their challengers. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler explained how they had left their differences behind because of their mutual hatred for ‘The Golden Role Models’.

The message was clear – they will be bringing the fire on Sunday. However, that’s not the most newsworthy part of this segment. Sasha delivered a warning to the two behemoths; however, the real message was for her best friend Bayley.

She declared that at Payback, she will get her vengeance. However, if you noticed closely, she rolled her eyes towards Bayley as she completed her sentence. This was perhaps the biggest hint from Sasha that she will be turning on Bayley at Payback.

WWE has set the stage perfectly for this rivalry. If they execute it correctly, we are all set for one of the most historic rivalries in women’s wrestling history.

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