Sobotta breaks in the fight the Arm and declared the resignation after defeat

  • Peter Sobotta breaks in the fight the Arm and declared resignation
  • Alex Oliveira Peter Sobotta with a Finger in the eye
  • Peter Sobotta (GER) loses to Alex Oliveira (BRA)

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free month Sobotta securing breaks early in the battle the right Arm and declared resignation to defeat

08.00 am: ", Unfortunately, it wasn't enough tonight for the victory. Also, for me, is not very good. Early in the fight I broke my right Arm, my face had to be stitched in four Places. For excuses I don't search but. I had tonight the worse fighter. Not ready to bite the teeth together and to go forward. Too little pressure, too little courage, too little hit. I was not able to play to my biggest strength, because there are several Takedown Attempts failed are. Oliveira deserved to win. I must recognize that my path is as an active MMA fighter after 17 years. I have felt today in the Ring. I love this Sport truly from the heart, and this decision hurts more than any broken bone and torn ligaments. But I no longer have simply the necessary hardness, ruggedness and a willingness to fight at the top. It was a hell of a wild Ride and I am eternally grateful for the emotions and experiences I was allowed to experience. Thank you to ALL of the me have supported," explains Peter Sobotta in the case of Facebook. Facebook Peter Sobotta

Sobotta loses UFC return against Oliveira

02.55 PM: Damage from a German point of view! Oliveira wins the battle. 30-27 is the result of the judges laudet at the end. Disappointed faces at Sobotta and the entire Team. Nevertheless, he delivered after more than two years, Ring-break a decent performance. The two unsportsmanlike actions of the Brazilian UFC Fighters leave a bad aftertaste. the

02.48 PM: Sobottas face is covered in blood. The movements of the German look, while still liquid, hit he can but no more land. Of Oliveira a little in the last round as well. That's it!

02.46 PM: Oliverias fist lands in the Empty and Sobotta is trying to take advantage of. With his Clinches, he gets the Brazilians again to the ground. The last two minutes in round three to run.

02.42 PM: What a Hammer of Oliveira at the end of the second round! The German starts seconds before the end of a brutal, rights, and falls to the ground. The Gong comes to the rescue. the Screenshot@Dazn Sobotta (l) starts at the end of the second round, a vicious right one

lands Until Oliveira is a low blow, then he holds Sobotta in the eyes

02.39 PM: A slight Cut on the forehead of the Germans! Then it comes to a head: Oliveira lands an unfair low blow against Sobotta! A little later, an illegal and unsportsmanlike action follows again, with fingers outstretched, he reached in the eyes of Sobotta. He must treat. the Screenshot@Dazn Oliveira (l) received in the eyes of Sobotta

02.37 PM: Sobotta switches at the beginning of round two into a higher gear and tried to tear Oliveira to the ground. He continues with two good punches to the body. Shortly after that, can get rid of the Brazilians, and the next one is Standing up.

02.35 PM: Sobotta lands a little hit in round one, know Oliveira's kicks in the last Minute but it's better to fend off. In the Pause his Coach asks him to "be more aggressive".

02.32 PM: Now the Kick comes through: Oliveira lands a solid hit to the liver. The German goes to the back, treat yourself to a short time.

02.31 PM: The fight is on! The Brazilian touched the with first kicks to the body Sobotta begins to conduct. Screenshot@Dazn Sobotta (l) against Oliveira at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi

02.29 PM: Now his opponent, Alex Oliverira comes to the cage ran. the

02.27 PM: In cats manner, the German creeps on the stairs up to the cage. Sobotta is here! In the Background Bad Boys" of Bob Marley runs ".

02.16 PM: The Swede makes in round one and wins by K. o. against the debutants. The same Sobotta and Oliveira are expected to arrive in the Octagon.

Sobotta against Oliveira - all the info prior to the start of the fight:

02.12 PM: A struggle is yet before Sobotta increases in the Octagon. The Northern Irishman Rhys McKee gives his UFC debut and gets it to do with the Sweden Khamzat Chimaev. All of the German martial arts fans will have to wait a little longer.

02: 00 As Sobotta from the UFC plans has heard, "to fight on a damn island," he promises simply. After more than two years, he gets back in the cage. For his opponent, Oliveira, is the second UFC appearance this year.

Sobotta know the Strengths of the Brazilian: "a Cowboy is an explosive, fierce fighter, especially in the first round is very dangerous. He struggles a bit weird. He has no real coverage and his hands are often down. I have to be careful."

00.00 : Since his last UFC Fight of 17. March 2018 has changed in the life of Peter Sobotta, a lot. The 33-Year-old was twice a father, opened a martial arts school called the "Planet Eater" and had to postpone his UFC Comeback in 2019 due to a persistent neck injury. Now Sobotta finally returns to the Octagon on the Main Card in Abu Dhabi. The outcome of the battle will probably decide on his future in the sport. Twitter @Peter Sobotta, a German UFC fighter Peter Sobotta meets in Abu Dhabi on Alex Oliveira

"My dream scenario is: I have to defeat Oliveira in advance, collect $ 50,000 from Dana White (UFC President) and get a Top-10 opponent with a new contract. The Worst-Case scenario: I lose the fight and can't get a contract extension. Then it might Interview even be that it was the last fight in my career," says Sobotta in the "Dazn" -.

23.00: The most important information about Peter Sobotta: Twitter @_MMAFNL Alex Oliveira (l) and Peter Sobotta fight on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi against each other

  • record: 17 victories, 6 defeat, a draw
  • country: Germany
  • age: 33 years
  • the Last battle: 17. March 2018 (defeat against Leon Edwards)
  • fight style: Jiu-Jitsu

22.30: The most important info on Alex Oliveira:

  • record: of 20 victories, 8 defeats, a draw
  • country: Brazil
  • age: 32 years
  • the Last battle: 07. March 2020 (victory against Max Griffin)
  • fight style: Striker

22.00: welcome to the Live Ticker at FOCUS Online! From 02.00 clock in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the fists in the Octagon to fly again. The German UFC Star Peter Sobotta faces the Brazilians Alex Oliveira on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

UFC Star Sobotta: From the province of Swabia to the Top fight on Fight Island DAZN UFC Star Sobotta: From the province of Swabia to the Top fight on Fight Island DAZN (display)

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