Rumour: Huge Name Appearing On Next Week's AEW: Dynamite

So far in AEW we’ve seen Bret Hart turn up to unveil the World Championship belt, Jake Roberts manage Lance Archer, Jim Ross join the commentary team, and the list of WWE legends goes on.

However, it appears AEW has no plans to stop the flow, as it’s being reported that none other than former WCW President and SmackDown Executive Producer Eric Bischoff will be appearing on next week’s episode of AEW: Dynamite.

The report comes from Reddit user SpaceForce1, who recently reported spoilers for Fyter Fest Night 2 with 100% accuracy. SpaceForce1 is Chris Jericho confirmed.

Speaking of Jericho, SpaceForce1 reports Bischoff will get involved in the Jericho/Cassidy feud in some way, although it was not specified how that will be.

Bischoff was sacked from his role as SmackDown Executive Producer on October 15, 2019, just three months after he was given the role. Bryan Alvarez reported at the time that Bischoff’s time in WWE was an unmitigated disaster, and that he heard “zero good things” about his brief return to the company.

Hopefully his appearance on AEW will go a bit more smoothly.

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