Weekend News Roundup: Blanchard misses last Impact tapings, AEW removes Dark match due to ...

Tessa Blanchard


IMPACT Champion Tessa Blanchard reportedly missed this week’s television tapings in Nashville. Blanchard also missed the last set of tapings and has been staying home, reportedly in Mexico, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blanchard won the title earlier this year and IMPACT is currently holding a tournament to determine a No. 1 contender. Trey Miguel and Ace Austin are in the finals of that tournament, which will end on this week’s IMPACT.

McMahon: It’s an understandable, but difficult situation for Impact without its champion on TV for what will stretch into months. I think that’s part of the reason IMPACT brought back the TNA Championship in storyline with Moose. There’s another wrinkle here … reportedly, Blanchard signed a two-year contract in 2018 and her deal could be coming up this summer, however Mike Johnson at PW Insider reported that officials said her deal was not coming up soon, but they neglected to provide him details on when her contact is up.

WrestlingNews.co is reporting that Kurt Angle will soon be re-signed by WWE. Angle was a special guest referee on NXT last week. Angle was part of the mass layoffs in April.

“If they haven’t signed him already then they will make an offer to him soon. Vince doesn’t want to lose him to AEW,” a WWE source said in the report.

AEW is removing a match that was scheduled to take place this week on Dark. Clutch Adams, a wrestler who has been used as an AEW enhancement talent, was recently revealed to have past social media posts that included racist and homophobic remarks. His account was deleted over this weekend. Adams taped a match against Shawn Spears, which was going to air this Tuesday.

“The best that I can come up with is that I am truly sorry. I am sorrier than I have ever been about anything in my life,” Adams said in a statement to 411mania.com.

One of WWE’s lead SmackDown writers, Chris DeJoseph, was reportedly fired last week after making inappropriate comments in a meeting. Dave Meltzer originally reported that DeJoseph was let go and SEScoops.com reported the reasoning behind DeJoseph’s firings.

DeJoseph was with WWE from 2004-10 and was re-hired by the company late last year.

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://www.pwtorch.com/site/2020/05/31/weekend-news-roundup-blanchard-misses-last-impact-tapings-aew-removes-dark-match-due-to-wrestler-comments/&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjIxZjdhOWI5MTc2ODU5MjQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNEZTkEdzFyRZcDh9BwhppHbkh7Asw


WWE 2K22 News, Core Gameplay Update, WWE 2K20 Issues, and More

In an interview with Reddit, WWE 2K Executive Producer Patrick Gilmore spoke about upcoming plans for WWE 2K22, including changes to the core gameplay, what went wrong in WWE 2K20, and more.

Gilmore on the next WWE title’s core gameplay:

“Core gameplay is one of the major investments we’re making in the next installment—one of six pillars we are focused on disproportionately in development. We are looking at much-loved previous games like No Mercy or SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain, along with top franchise installments, and more modern wrestling and fighting games to build an all-new philosophical foundation for the game. People who hope that we holistically adopt the control scheme or philosophy from one of their favorite games are likely to be disappointed; we are trying to combine the best ideas out there into a brand new wrestling experience that sets a new standard.”

“The game play team is focused on Accessibility, Depth and Wrestling Experience. For Accessibility, we’re obsessed with a simple, intuitive interface which has meaning and depth in a wide variety of contexts—i.e. the game is a lot smarter about what the player is trying to do given a gameplay situation (in a grapple, on the ropes, against a turnbuckle, etc.), with consistent inputs regardless of situation. New players should be able to accidentally pull off awesome moves just by playing with and experimenting with controls.”

“For Depth, we’re looking a lot at ring position, deeper combos and working moves, limb damage, technical capabilities, match momentum and unlocks, and rock-paper-scissors (RPS) strategies by archetype and player style. Depth doesn’t come from the manual skill of pressing the proper buttons but from the psychological game of anticipating and countering your opponent’s strategy, and this needs to be built in from the very foundation, so expect a significant evolution in gameplay with the next installment.

“The last aspect of great gameplay is capturing the essence of professional wrestling, which has dimensions of drama, changing context, massive roster, backstage action, weapons and props, audience participation and spectacle. One of the huge challenges of the franchise is finding ways for players to feel in control of the vast number of potential outcomes in a given match. While we take lessons from fighting games, action RPG’s and other genres, this aspect helps us stay focused on delivering a through-and-through wrestling game. While we’re determined to deliver the spectacle and specific moments of a genuine match, I can say we’re trying to get away from UI popups or mini-games to represent things like pins or reversals, and instead move those concepts into more fully-realized mechanics which feel like extensions of the main experience.”

Gilmore on his vision for the WWE 2K series:

“I personally put a huge value on authenticity—making the stakes of a match feel real, visceral, impactful. Early on, I spent a ton of time with the creative director, and we went through a bunch of shows, PPV’s and such. I responded to a lot of it, and really wanted to synthesize into a unifying theme. Then, one day, I walked past his desk and he was watching some behind the scenes material that really focused on Bautista. I stopped in my tracks, and we spend the next hour or so scrubbing through material. I think the vision really emerged from those conversations—what’s it like to actually BE on the roster, to be a part of this spectacular entertainment? To describe this in terms of a “vision” I would say our goal is to focus a lot more on the superstar experience.”

His thoughts on the team’s main pillars:

“The six core areas of focus: Core Gameplay: making the superstar vs. superstar gameplay the best it’s ever been. Emergence: leveraging physics and more generic object/environment systems to enable spectacular gameplay that players feel in control of. WWEX (WWE Experience): delivering an end-to-end true WWE experience in all aspects of the game, from UI and wrapper, to superstars, match types and story modes. Online: improving all aspects of the online experience. Character: make the best looking superstars of all time. Create: Upgrade the creation suite, and make our community creation tools feel like magic to use.”

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/wwe-2k22-news-core-gameplay-update-wwe-2k20-issues-and-more&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjIxZjdhOWI5MTc2ODU5MjQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNHyaDDh6sGhrDhHCHGd5qN3q7ZzwA


NFL responds to Joe Lockhart’s column on Colin Kaepernick

Former NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart has written a column in which he admits that a team should have signed Colin Kaepernick in 2017 and urging the Vikings to do so now. Current NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy has provided this statement to PFT in response to a request for comment.

“Colin is a free agent,” McCarthy said. “Clubs may sign him if they choose to do so.”

McCarthy also pointed to the fact that NFL senior V.P. of social responsibility Anna Isaacson provided an update this week to owners and on a subsequent conference call with reporters.

“Today we covered several updates on our Inspire Change social justice initiative,” Isaacson said. “Firstly, it’s important to know this work remains at the top of our priority list and has been a continued focus even throughout the offseason. Recent events across the country make it even clearer how much more work needs to be done. We recently announced we surpassed $44 million in funding along with a new set of national grants and grant renewals to non-profit organizations that really do the real work on the ground in our key focus areas of education, economic advancements, community and police relations and criminal justice reform. The $44 million also includes more than 750 matching grants on behalf of players and legends who have personally supported local, social justice organizations, for more than 360 distinct organizations that have served more than 600,000 people in just the last two years alone.”

The league’s efforts are admirable. Recent events nevertheless renew focus on the ongoing unemployment of Kaepernick, who used anthem protests to call attention to mistreatment of African-Americans and people of color by police. As the issue reaches what may be critical mass, the consequences to Kaepernick become more conspicuous.

NFL responds to Joe Lockhart’s column on Colin Kaepernick originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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source https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-responds-joe-lockhart-column-190620861.html?src=rss


Booker T On Mike Tyson AEW Angle: 'There's A War Going On'

Mike Tyson showed up at Double Or Nothing and then at Dynamite the next Wednesday. This resulted in headlines for AEW that WWE certainly noticed.

On a recent Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about Mike Tyson’s angle in AEW. He stated that there’s a war going on and WWE saw Mike Tyson and Henry Cejudo on Dynamite.

“My thing is this – Mike Tyson is back. I love it. I’m a huge Mike Tyson fan.”

“Angles are always shot in wrestling. Come on, man. To bring Mike in, that’s star power. There’s a war going on. The other side is looking, ‘Man they got Mike Tyson. They got Rashad Evans. They got Cejudo.’ I mean, Cejudo he’s not that big of a guy or anything like that but he’s a tough guy.”

“Vitor Belfort. I think the last time we saw him he was getting in a street fight and got knocked out.”

Mike Tyson made a promise that he’ll be back on AEW television. He also said he’s taking out Chris Jericho. We’ll have to see if they can work something out because Mike Tyson doesn’t come cheap. Mike Tyson also loved AEW so that could help sweeten the deal.

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://www.ringsidenews.com/2020/05/31/booker-t-on-mike-tyson-aew-angle-theres-a-war-going-on/&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjIxZjdhOWI5MTc2ODU5MjQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNF2qOtx628PKTLcsJSp6-mZcaFpiQ


Cody Rhodes Confirms Non-AEW Wrestlers Can Challenge for the TNT Championship

Cody Rhodes dropped the major news on this week's AEW Dynamite that, starting this coming Wednesday, he'll be defending the AEW TNT Championship every week in an open challenge format. He already knows his first opponent will be Jungle Boy after the young star won a battle royale, but his list of future challengers is wide open after that. Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder) seemed to hint at making the jump to AEW to try and win the title, leading fans to hypothesize over possible challengers from other independent companies making surprise appearances.

"If you are someone who is critical of me bell-to-bell, well I ask that you judge me by what I'm about to do next," Rhodes said during a promo on Dynamite. "Because I'm about to turn a pace. I'm about to cut a schedule like no wrestler before. It is official, in this moment I will stand out here every week for the AEW TNT Championship, this is an open challenge."

Rhodes confirmed that possibility during a Twitter Q&A on Sunday morning.

In a post-show conference call after Double or Nothing, Rhodes gave some more insight into the championship itself.

"I know Tony has already told you this already so this isn't breaking news, but this isn't even the final belt," Rhodes said. "The actual silver-plated title, which has the shine finish and the extra details, due to the COVID and the pandemic, we didn't have it here. And we will have it, maybe as soon as this week's Dynamite. But man, I don't know if I want it. Because this is the one I got handed."

Given his history with Ring of Honor, the NWA and New Japan along with the sudden influx of free agents from WWE's recent releases, and Rhodes could have quite a few surprise challengers in a few short months.


Who do you think should challenge Rhodes for the title? Let us know down in the comments!

Here's what AEW has booked for this week's episode of Dynamite:

  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc
  • AEW TNT Championshipship: Cody Rhodes vs. Jungle Boy
  • Chris Jericho vs. Colt Cabana
  • FTR interview with Tony Schiavone
  • Brian Cage vs. TBA
  • Nyla Rose vs. Big Swole

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://comicbook.com/wwe/news/aew-cody-rhodes-non-aew-wrestlers-challenge-tnt-championship-matt-cardona-nick-aldis-wwe/&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjIxZjdhOWI5MTc2ODU5MjQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNEFKCsLr1obJBgJyEReN1eq4Ut0KQ


Two WWE stars teasing a jump to AEW?

A Twitter interaction between Erik of The Viking Raiders and Matt Hardy has fans on social media buzzing and wondering if perhaps, The Viking Raiders would consider jumping from WWE to AEW when their contracts expire.

It started when Matt shared a tweet of a match from a few years ago in Oklahoma when they faced Erik and Ivar when they were known as War Machine. This match took place in 2016 in Ring Of Honor and not too long before both teams signed with WWE.

Hardy tweeted, “This clip recently resurfaced.. A few years ago in Oklahoma, the #BROKEN Hardys had an experience with The Viking Raiders. They’re a TREMENDOUS team & it was a helluva match!”

Erik responded:
“Until we meet again my friend.

Matt responded again, “I anxiously await that meeting.”

Ivar also commented:
“We are still awaiting our rematch #JoinTheRaid


These teases sound a like like the teases between the Twitter exchanges between The Young Bucks and the former Revival. If The Viking Raiders/War Machine match is going to happen then it would likely happen outside of WWE since it looks like Matt’s days as a WWE Superstar are behind him. Jeff Hardy’s contract is due to expire sometime late this year or early 2021. It’s not clear when The Viking Raider’s deal is up but it might be next year since they likely are under 3-year deals and they signed with WWE in January 2018.

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/two-wwe-stars-teasing-a-jump-to-aew/&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjIxZjdhOWI5MTc2ODU5MjQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNExzcfKj6Qk2M8HNNTndRtVxPPi8g


When and where to watch Mallorca - FC Barcelona

Ready to watch an FC Barcelona match again? After the league announced the specific date, Barça will return at Son Moix against Mallorca for matchday 28 in LaLiga. The goal will be to start with a win after the break, as we begin a few frantic weeks of competition. Write the date and time on your calendar and don't miss this match!

This Mallorca-Barça fixture can be followed minute by minute at the Match Center on the club's website and through the official profiles on the different social networks. Check the schedules and television stations below to follow the match around the world!

Els horaris internacionals Mallorca-Barça

* Remember that these television stations are those that have the rights, but this does not imply that they will show the game. Check your local schedule to make sure.

English: @fcbarcelona & www.fcbarcelona.com
Catalan: @fcbarcelona_cat & www.fcbarcelona.cat  
Spanish: @fcbarcelona_es & www.fcbarcelona.es
French: @fcbarcelona_fra & www.fcbarcelona.fr
Portuguese: @fcbarcelona_br 
Arabic: @fcbarcelona_ara 
Turkish: @fcbarcelona_tr 
Chinese: fcbarcelona.cn
Japanese: @fcbarcelona_jp & www.fcbarcelona.jp
Indonesian: @fcbarcelona_id 

Saturday, 13 June

Canada –Vancouver (1.00 PM) / Toronto (4.00 PM)
BeIN Sports, DAZN

United States – Los Angeles (1.00 PM) / New York (4.00 PM)
BeIN Sports

Mexico, Central America and Dominican Republic – Mexico City (3.00 PM), Santo Domingo (4.00 PM)
Sky, TDN, Wizz (Mexico), TUDN

Caribbean  – Jamaica (3.00 PM) / Bahamas (4.00 PM) / Bermuda (5.00 PM)
Sportsmax, BeIN Sports (Puerto Rico), ESPN (Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago), STVS (Suriname)

South America – Bogota (3.00 PM) / Caracas (4.00 PM) / Buenos Aires (5.00 PM)
ESPN, DirectTV, Cablevision (Argentina), Tico Sports (Bolivia, Paraguay)

Brazil – Brasília (5.00 PM)
ESPN Brasil & FOX

Africa –  Dakar (8.00 PM) / Yaoundé (9.00 PM) / Cape Town (10.00 PM) / Nairobi (11.00 PM)
Canal+ Afrique, Supersport7, Zap (Angola), Azam Sports (Tanzania)

MENA Countries – Rabat (9.00 PM) / Cairo (10.00 PM) / Riyadh (11.00 PM)
BeIN Sports

Iceland (9.00 PM)
Stöð 2

United Kingdom & Ireland (9.00 PM)
Premier Sports, LaLiga TV

Portugal (9.00 PM)
Eleven Sports

Spain (10.00 PM)
Movistar +, Orange, Mitele +

France (10.00 PM)
BeIN Sports

Belgium (10.00 PM)
Eleven Sports, Play Sports

Netherlands (10.00 PM)
Ziggo Sport

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy (10.00)

Scandinavia (10.00 PM)
Strive, TV2 (Denmark), C More (Sweden)

Poland (10.00 PM)
Canal + Sports, Eleven Sports

Czech Rep & Slovakia (10.00 PM)

Hungary (10.00 PM)
Spiler 2

Balkan republics (10.00 PM)
Sport Klubb

Albania (10.00 PM)
Super Sport

Finland (11.00 PM)
C More

Baltic States & Belarus – Riga (11.00 PM)

Ukraine (11.00 PM)
Megogo, Football 1/2

Romania (11.00 PM)
Telekom Sport, Digi Sport

Bulgaria (11.00 PM)
Sport+, Vivacom, Max Sport

Greece (11.00 PM)
Cosmote TV

Russia – Moscow (11.00 PM)
Telesport, Match!, Sila

Turkey (11.00 PM)
BeIN Sports

Cyprus (11.00 PM)
Prime Tel

Israel (11.00 PM)
ONE Sport

Sunday, 14 June

Caucasus Region – Baku (12.00 AM)
Setanta, CBC (Azerbaijan), Krenton (Armenia), Silknet (Georgia)

Central Asia – Tashkent (1.00 AM) / Astana (2.00 AM)
Setanta, QasSport (Kazakhstan), UsReport (Uzbekistan), Varzish (Tajikistan), Facebook/Sony (Afghanistan)

Indian Subcontinent - Islamabad (1.00 AM) / New Delhi (1.30 AM) / Dhaka (2.00 AM)
Facebook, Sony

Myanmar (2.30 AM)

Southeast Asia – Bangkok, Jakarta (3.00 AM), Manila (4.00 AM)
BeIN Sports, Skynet (Myanmar), SCTV (Vietnam), PPTV (Thailand)

China (4.00 AM)
IQIYI Sports 

Japan (5.00 AM)
DAZN, WowWow

South Korea (5.00 AM)

Australia & New Zealand - Sydney (6.00 AM) / Wellington (8.00 AM)
BeIN Sports

South Pacific -  Fiji (8.00 AM)
BeIN Sports, Fiji TV

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2007 ECF GM 5 LeBron for the win in 2OT

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Every night tune into Yahoo Sports to watch some of the most memorable and iconic games from NBA history.

source https://sports.yahoo.com/2007-ecf-gm-5-james-135238604.html?src=rss


Another win falls into Keselowski's lap in final moments

Brad Keselowski (2) celebrates after winning a NASCAR Cup Series auto race at Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Bristol, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

BRISTOL, Tenn. (AP) -- Brad Keselowski inherited his second win of the season when Chase Elliott and Joey Logano collided as they raced for the victory Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Keselowski was in third with a lap and a turn remaining when he lucked into his second victory in three Cup races. Logano had cleared Elliott for the lead with three laps remaining, but Elliott was stalking him while seeking his second win in three days.

They made contact in the fourth turn and drifted into the wall as Keselowski slid past with a lap remaining. He had just one trip around the .533-mile concrete bullring to close the victory.

Keselowski, in a contract year with Team Penske, got his first victory of the season last Sunday in the Coca-Cola 600. Elliott was roughly two laps away from the win when a caution flew and Keselowski inherited the lead when Elliott pitted.

Keselowski held on for that victory at Elliott's expense and now is the first driver to win multiple races in the five Cup events since NASCAR resumed May 17.

“There's so much going on in the world, I am just thankful I get to be a race car driver and do this,” Keselowski said after giving Ford its third win in five races.

Logano finished 21st and Elliott was 22nd. Logano stared Elliott down as the two climbed from their cars but Elliott never looked in his direction. After Logano had retrieved his mandatory face mask, he approached Elliott for a brief conversation.

“He wrecked me,” Logano said. “A simple apology ... be a man and say ‘My bad.' I had to force an apology, which to me is just childish.”

Elliott did take the blame after the talk.

"Awww, just going for the win," Elliott said. “I'll certainly take the blame. I just got loose and got into him.”

Clint Bowyer was second for his best finish in a year and a 1-2 finish for Ford, while Jimmie Johnson was third in a Chevrolet. Kyle Busch and Erik Jones rounded out the top-five in a pair of Toyota's for Joe Gibbs Racing.

Ryan Blaney had a strong car early and led 60 laps but crashed while chasing teammate Keselowski for the lead in the second stage. Blaney seemed to get too high on the track, wiggled into the wall and then was hit by Ty Dillon.

Blaney went to Bristol coming off back-to-back third-place finishes but wound up last.

“I didn’t think I was that high and all of a sudden I hit a slick spot,” Blaney said. “I thought we were going to be OK and then we got destroyed about six seconds later. That’s just Bristol.”

It was another rough race for Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who rebounded from three poor finishes with a fourth-place Thursday night at Charlotte. He was running decently near the end of the stage until contact from Johnson triggered a multi-car accident and knocked four drivers, Stenhouse included, out of the race.

“We just got crashed,” said Stenhouse, who wrecked on the first lap of NASCAR's first race back. “It was a bummer. I felt like we had a really good shot at racing them for the win.”

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source https://sports.yahoo.com/another-win-falls-keselowskis-lap-final-moments-235216034--nascar.html?src=rss


Former NFL exec admits truth about Kaepernick

Three years after NFL team owners closed the doors of their franchises to Colin Kaepernick, the league’s former head of communications — who was often in the center of the storm — has asserted what many have long suspected: A kneeling Kaepernick was bounced from the NFL in 2017 because he was bad for business.

That’s one of the massive takeaways from the column written by CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart, who was the NFL’s vice president of communications when Kaepernick ignited a social justice movement that rippled through teams and shook the league’s ownership ranks.

In Lockhart’s own words from a column from early Saturday morning: “No teams wanted to sign a player — even one as talented as Kaepernick — whom they saw as controversial, and, therefore, bad for business.”

That line bears repeating once, twice or a thousand times because it forever puts a spate of intellectually dishonest and long-running canards to bed. So let’s stop and shout this for a moment, so everyone in the back can hear it:

Colin Kaepernick was not bounced by NFL team owners because of his skill. He was not bounced because of salary demands. And he was not bounced because he wanted a starting job. No, he was rejected by NFL team owners because he became a financial liability, kneeling for social justice and igniting a telling firestorm with President Donald Trump.

We can finally all be honest about that now. Colin Kaepernick lost his job forever because he became a wildly uncomfortable inflection point between franchise owners and players. He lost his job because he wouldn’t turn down the volume on his anger or rhetoric. And he lost his job because a segment of fans were furious about all of it, refused to listen to any of it, and never bothered to understand where it might be coming from.

Colin Kaepernick lost his job forever because he became a wildly uncomfortable inflection point between owners and players. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Now a multitude of cities are burning at night following the death of George Floyd in custody of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. And what we’re seeing each day is a level of discord, exhaustion and outright defiance that comes from the very marrow of Kaepernick’s message. A message that might have been worth preserving in the league — or at least tolerating — if only for the fact that it was a window into a brand of pressure and dehumanization that has been building for years, if not decades or lifetimes.

That opportunity for the NFL was lost, arguably creating an even bigger platform for Kaepernick in the process. A platform that will only grow in these coming weeks, as Floyd’s fruitless pleas for his life echo in the public’s ear, leading a few people (and maybe many) to look back on the “why” behind Kaepernick’s kneeling. A “why” that was lied about, grossly distorted or simply used to fuel a political machine that is now falling into catastrophic failure as we near one of the most explosive elections in American history.

An election that will happen during another NFL season without Kaepernick, whose career has been buried to the point of no return.

At least now we can be honest about why it ended. When it comes to Kaepernick’s place in history, nothing will have been more jarring to the NFL’s public perception than Lockhart finally admitting what most right-minded people had long assumed. Because this isn’t some media voice pleading with the public to accept the obvious. And it’s not someone close to Kaepernick speaking on his behalf.

No, this is a former part of the NFL machine. A man who was in the middle of the communication nexus between the league office and ownership groups during the most turbulent moments of Kaepernick’s ultimate demise as an NFL player.

Lockhart was right in the middle of everything. And now he’s saying that despite years of the NFL insisting this wasn’t about Kaepernick’s financial impact on the league, it turns out that, well, that’s exactly what it was.

“[F]or many owners it always came back to the same thing,” Lockhart wrote. “Signing Kaepernick, they thought, was bad for business. An executive from one team that considered signing Kaepernick told me the team projected losing 20% of their season ticket holders if they did. That was a business risk no team was willing to take, whether the owner was a Trump supporter or a bleeding-heart liberal (yes, those do exist). As bad of an image problem it presented for the league and the game, no owner was willing to put the business at risk over this issue.”

That paragraph is the shattering of an omertà that has existed in the NFL for three long years.

What Lockhart wrote is not something you were supposed to admit if you held any level of power within the NFL. Whether it was commissioner Roger Goodell or team owners or coaches, it was a no-fly zone when it came to publicly mixing in the bottom line as a reason for not signing or even working out Kaepernick.

To say something like what Lockhart has asserted was akin to the president tweeting out his nuclear launch codes. It was an assurance of disaster. Not just legally — which was important to the NFL in the middle of a collusion case brought by Kaepernick — but also from a public relations standpoint, given that so many fans believed Kaepernick was being blackballed for his social justice protests.

In some respects, it's not surprising that Lockhart is the one to finally tell the unspoken side of the Kaepernick story that so many assumed. During his roughly three-year tenure as the head of the NFL's communications arm, he occasionally ran afoul of the party line, particularly when it came to the NFL's dicey standing with Trump. Lockhart's seemingly open disdain for Trump was pronounced enough that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has a known friendship with the president, said in his deposition during the Kaepernick grievance that he was "proud" to see Lockhart depart under pressure in 2018.

Colin Kaepernick has maintained he's ready to play in the NFL again. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

But Lockhart wasn't considered a "friendly" voice in the Kaepernick camp, either. Before the league settled its collusion case with Kaepernick, Lockhart was slated to be on the witness list — and it's expected he would have been asked if Kaepernick had lost his NFL job due to skill or politics. Given what Lockhart just wrote for CNN, that might even shed some additional light on why the league ultimately settled its case.

What Lockhart might have said is open for debate. But even in revealing the financial motivations of franchise owners shutting Kaepernick out, Lockhart remains generous toward the NFL’s executive branch and even himself. He submits that he thought the league office and Goodell had done a "righteous job" trying in vain to convince team owners to sign the quarterback.

“The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, and other league executives tried to persuade the teams to change their minds,” Lockhart wrote. “The league sent owners and players around the country to try to lead a dialogue on race relations and to move, as the sociologist and human rights activist Harry Edwards said, ‘from protest to progress.’ Though Kaepernick didn't get his job back, I thought we had all done a righteous job, considering.”

And then Lockhart delivers the kicker.

“I was wrong,” he wrote. “I think the teams were wrong for not signing him. Watching what’s going on in Minnesota, I understand how badly wrong we were.”

It’s a nice sentiment, and I appreciate Lockhart for sharing it. At the very least, it penetrates a lie that became infuriating over the years in its distortion and perpetuation. But it also comes three years too late. Too late for the innumerable dead black men and women who Kaepernick was speaking directly about long before they ultimately lost their lives. Too late for George Floyd, who died after taking a knee from a police officer. And too late for Ahmaud Arbery, who was chased down in the street by citizens and shot to death through a grotesque distortion of community policing empowerment.

Colin Kaepernick lost his NFL livelihood and platform because it’s not financially sound to protest a brand of evil that keeps getting thrust into the face of America through a camera lens. We can speak the truth about that now and know that someone who was in the middle of the machine has finally come clean about it.

In kneeling, Kaepernick was trying to represent the truth that eventually delivers us to where we are right now — with cities on fire and human beings overwhelmed by frustration. Ultimately, his protest and singular voice will be footnotes in a long and troubling history for America. But it’s the lying about the footnotes of history and the quelling of the singular voices that leads us to weeks like this.

More from Yahoo Sports:

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source https://sports.yahoo.com/in-light-of-george-floyds-death-ex-nfl-exec-admits-what-we-knew-all-along-protests-ended-colin-kaepernicks-career-175616379.html?src=rss


WWE News: Bianca Belair And Montez Ford Create Cultural Website, Aleister Black and Zelina ...

– Bianca Belair announced on Twitter that she and Montez Ford have created a new website called The Culture Connection. The website seems to be focused on the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing situation in Minneapolis. There are ‘Get Involved’ links for George Floyd fundraisers (who was recently killed by a cop, leading to the current riots), as well as the Minnesota Freedom Fund. There are also links to books, movies, stories and more that you can read to educate yourself.

The website’s mission is: “The Culture Connection’s mission is to advocate, learn, share, interact, and promote positivity. We want to assist those who want to take action, advocate, learn, and more but don’t know where to look or start. We aim to create a space for ALL who are interested in taking action by providing an array of information that brings awareness to opportunities to volunteer, advocate, & donate in regards to current issues and events affecting Black people. We also promote educating & re-educating yourself & others by providing book suggestions, videos, documentaries, news, articles, facts, etc. that we feel touch on Black culture, history, entertainment, issues, & topics.

We are an open organization that depends on the interaction and input from others. If you have any information in regards to petitions, donations, events, community service, books, documentaries, videos, etc. that we can promote and bring awareness to please contact us and share!”

– The latest video from UpUpDownDown features Aleister Black and Zelina Vega playing Streets of Rage 4.

– Mandy Rose has posted a new video of herself drinking vodka with her best friend. As you do.

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://411mania.com/wrestling/wwe-news-bianca-belair-and-montez-ford-create-cultural-website-aleister-black-and-zelina-vega-play-streets-of-rage-4-mandy-rose-drinks-vodka/&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjIxZjdhOWI5MTc2ODU5MjQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNFZSa4LjMihJStP22H_lmu3DOsotw


NBA Classic: Heat-Celtics, 2012 ECF Game 2

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Every night tune into Yahoo Sports to watch some of the most memorable and iconic games from NBA history.

source https://sports.yahoo.com/2012-ecf-gm-2-james-170056259.html?src=rss


When does Serie A return? Date, fixtures, TV and live stream schedule for restart

After more than three months on hold, Italy's Serie A will finally make its return in June.

The league has been suspended since March 10, when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across Northern Italy and the rest of the world. However, Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora announced on Thursday that the government had reached an agreement with league officials to conclude the season. 

"Italy is getting back on its feet and it's only right that football should do the same," he told reporters. "In light of this, we can today say that the championship can start again on June 20."

Juventus currently leads Lazio by one point at the top of the table as the Bianconeri chase their ninth consecutive league title. Inter Milan are in third place, nine points back of the leaders, while Atalanta occupies the final Champions League qualification spot in fourth place. 

Here's everything you need to know about the return of Serie A.

When will Serie A restart?

Serie A is scheduled to return on Saturday, June 20. 

The Coppa Italia will conclude its matches first, however, with two semifinal matches set to take place on June 13 before the final happens on June 17. Juventus, A.C. Milan, Napoli and Inter are the four teams left in the competition. 

All Serie A teams have either 12 or 13 matches left on their schedule. It's unclear when the season is set to conclude, but the schedule will likely be significantly compressed to help prepare for next season. 

Serie A fixtures: What is the schedule for the remaining games?

Here is the complete remaining schedule for this season's unplayed games. The league will complete Matchday 25 on June 20-21 with four matches that were previously postponed: Atalanta vs. Sassuolo, Hellas Verona vs. Cagliari, Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria, Torino vs. Parma. The following week, the full schedule is expected to resume with Matchday 27. (Matchday 26 was completed before the league shut down.)

Matchday 25

Inter v Sampdoria
Hellas Verona v Cagliari
Torino v Parma
Atalanta v Sassuolo

Matchday 27

Atalanta v Lazio
Bologna v Juventus
Fiorentina v Brescia
Genoa v Parma
Hellas Verona v Napoli
Inter v Sassuolo
Lecce v Milan
Roma v Sampdoria
SPAL v Cagliari
Torino v Udinese

Matchday 28

Brescia v Genoa
Cagliari v Torino
Juventus v Lecce
Lazio v Fiorentina
Milan v Roma
Napoli v SPAL
Parma v Inter
Sampdoria v Bologna
Sassuolo v Hellas Verona
Udinese v Atalanta

Matchday 29

Atalanta v Napoli
Bologna v Cagliari
Fiorentina v Sassuolo
Genoa v Juventus
Hellas Verona v Parma
Inter v Brescia
Lecce v Sampdoria
Roma v Udinese
SPAL v Milan
Torino v Lazio

Matchday 30

Brescia v Hellas Verona
Cagliari v Atalanta
Inter v Bologna
Juventus v Torino
Lazio v Milan
Napoli v Roma
Parma v Fiorentina
Sampdoria v SPAL
Sassuolo v Lecce
Udinese v Genoa

Matchday 31

Atalanta v Sampdoria
Bologna v Sassuolo
Fiorentina v Cagliari
Genoa v Napoli
Hellas Verona v Inter
Lecce v Lazio
Milan v Juventus
Roma v Parma
SPAL v Udinese
Torino v Brescia

Matchday 32

Brescia v Roma
Cagliari v Lecce
Fiorentina v Hellas Verona
Genoa v SPAL
Inter v Torino
Juventus v Atalanta
Lazio v Sassuolo
Napoli v Milan
Parma v Bologna
Udinese v Sampdoria

Matchday 33

Atalanta v Brescia
Bologna v Napoli
Lecce v Fiorentina
Milan v Parma
Roma v Hellas Verona
Sampdoria v Cagliari
Sassuolo v Juventus
SPAL v Inter
Torino v Genoa
Udinese v Lazio

Matchday 34

Brescia v SPAL
Cagliari v Sassuolo
Fiorentina v Torino
Genoa v Lecce
Hellas Verona v Atalanta
Juventus v Lazio
Milan v Bologna
Napoli v Udinese
Parma v Sampdoria
Roma v Inter

Matchday 35

Atalanta v Bologna
Inter v Fiorentina
Lazio v Cagliari
Lecce v Brescia
Parma v Napoli
Sampdoria v Genoa
Sassuolo v Milan
SPAL v Roma
Torino v Hellas Verona
Udinese v Juventus

Matchday 36

Bologna v Lecce
Brescia v Parma
Cagliari v Udinese
Genoa v Inter
Hellas Verona v Lazio
Juventus v Sampdoria
Milan v Atalanta
Napoli v Sassuolo
Roma v Fiorentina
SPAL v Torino

Matchday 37

Cagliari v Juventus
Fiorentina v Bologna
Hellas Verona v SPAL
Inter v Napoli
Lazio v Brescia
Parma v Atalanta
Sampdoria v Milan
Sassuolo v Genoa
Torino v Roma
Udinese v Lecce

Matchday 38

Atalanta v Inter
Bologna v Torino
Brescia v Sampdoria
Genoa v Hellas Verona
Juventus v Roma
Lecce v Parma
Milan v Cagliari
Napoli v Lazio
Sassuolo v Udinese
SPAL v Fiorentina

What are kickoff times for remaining games?

The dates and kickoff times for the remaining games will be announced by Serie A officials within the next few days.

How to live stream Serie A matches

In Italy, Canada, Brazil and Japan, Serie A matches are available to stream on DAZN

Where will games be played?

It remains unclear whether games will be played at the scheduled stadiums or at neutral sites. The Premier League opted to do a bit of both for their return, announcing that the majority of games will be played at the originally intended sites with the exception of a handful of important matches, including any potential title-decider for league leaders Liverpool.

Serie A table

Here is the complete Serie A table as it stands.

1 Juventus 26 20-3-3 63 +36
2 Lazio 26 19-5-2 62 +37
3 Inter Milan 25 16-6-3 54 +25
4 Atalanta 25 14-6-5 48 +36
5 Roma 26 13-6-7 45 +16
6 Napoli 26 11-6-9 39 +5
7 A.C. Milan 26 10-6-10 36 -6
8 Verona 25 9-8-8 35 +3
9 Parma 25 10-5-10 35 +1
10 Bologna 26 9-7-10 34 -4
11 Sassuolo 25 9-5-11 32 +2
12  Cagliari 25 8-8-9 32 +1
13 Fiorentina 26 7-9-10 30 -4
14 Udinese 26 7-7-12 28 -16
15 Torino 25 8-3-14 27 -17
16 Sampdoria 25 7-5-13 26 -16
17 Genoa 26 6-7-13 25 -16
18 Lecce 26 6-7-13 25 -22
19 SPAL 26 5-3-18 18 -24
20 Brescia 26 4-4-18 16 -27

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/news/soccer/serie-a-return-date-fixtures-tv-live-stream-schedule/1aal55tvkhxbh19k56a40nskyd&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjBjZWNkYTc1ZDc4NTFiNjM6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNGBwKUxHi1ZSBrG9-2_It75vA17Xg


How to watch NASCAR races on DAZN in Italy: Complete schedule, live stream times for Cup Series

NASCAR was among the first American sports to return to action after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live sports globally. And while a few Cup Series races remain postponed, the sport is mostly back on schedule to complete a full, 36-race season in 2020.

NASCAR Cup Series races feature varying lengths at different types of tracks, from massive superspeedways to intermediate ovals to short tracks and even road courses. The remainder of the 2020 schedule will send the series to all of them by the time a champion is crowned in November.

In Italy, all NASCAR Cup Series races in 2020 can be streamed live.

How to watch NASCAR races in Italy

DAZN is the home of all NASCAR Cup Series racing for those watching in Italy. DAZN is a global live and on-demand streaming service, which in addition to NASCAR features Serie A, La Liga and more in Italy.

DAZN works on most smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. Click here to learn more and how to sign up for DAZN.

For NASCAR Cup Series races, DAZN utilizes a feed from the United States' Fox Sports, which broadcasts Cup races for the first half of the 2020 season. NBC will broadcast NASCAR Cup Series races throughout the second half of the 2020 season.

Fox's coverage features announcer Mike Joy and analyst Jeff Gordon on the call. NBC's coverage features announcer Rick Allen and analysts Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Burton and Steve Letarte.

NASCAR Cup schedule 2020

NASCAR in May released its revised Cup Series schedule. For now, with remaining doubt about how NASCAR can construct its schedule beyond June given differing restrictions on gatherings of people from state to state in the U.S., the short-term schedule includes only a handful of tracks.

Date Track Distance Stage lengths (laps) Start time
Sun., May 17 Darlington 400.2 miles 90-95-108 9:30 p.m. CET/3:30 p.m. ET
Wed., May 20 Darlington 311.4 miles 60-65-103 1:30 a.m. CET Thu./7:30 p.m. ET
Sun., May 24 Charlotte 600 miles 100-100-100-100 Midnight CET Mon./6 p.m. ET
Wed., May 27 Charlotte 312 miles 55-60-93 2 a.m. CET Thu./8 p.m. ET
Sun, May 31 Bristol 266 miles TBD 9:30 p.m. CET/3:30 p.m. ET
Sun, June 7 Atlanta 500 miles TBD 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET
Wed, June 10 Martinsville 263 miles TBD 1 a.m. CET Thu./7 p.m. ET
Sun, June 14 Homestead-Miami 400 miles TBD 9:30 p.m. CET/3:30 p.m. ET
Sun, June 21 Talladega 500 miles TBD 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET

Of the nine races on NASCAR's modified schedule, only one (the Coca-Cola 600 on May 24) was part of the original plan for 2020. The Darlington race on May 17 ran instead of the the Chicagoland race that was originally scheduled for June 21. The Darlington race on May 20 ran instead of the postponed Richmond race that was originally scheduled for April 19. The Charlotte race on May 27 ran instead of the Sonoma race that was originally scheduled for June 14.

The Cup Series races still postponed include events at Texas, Dover, Kansas and Michigan. NASCAR's next challenge will be finding dates (and, potentially, locations) for those races while it tries to sort out the rest of the 2020 schedule.

The following are the dates and races on NASCAR's original 2020 schedule that have yet to be addressed.

June 27-28: Pocono

  • Start times: 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET (Saturday) | 9:30 p.m. CET/3:30 p.m. ET (Sunday)

The fact that a Saturday-Sunday doubleheader at Pocono was on the original Cup Series schedule for 2020 gives those races good chances to stick. NASCAR could justify sending teams on a two-day trip to hold a couple races as planned.

According to Pocono Raceway, the schedule for its NASCAR events this summer remains unchanged.

From the track's site: "The Pocono Raceway staff is currently working remotely under the Pennsylvania Governor’s current stay-at-home order through June 4, in preparation of our summer events. If our 2020 events were to change or be updated, it would come at the direction of NASCAR and our state officials."

July 5: Indianapolis

  • Start time: 9:30 p.m. CET/3:30 p.m. ET

The Brickyard 400 appears safe on the Cup Series schedule, in part because it now will be part of a historic, coronavirus-prompted doubleheader with an IndyCar race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway the day prior. IMS also could be the first venue to open to fans since the pandemic shut down live sports.

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb recently announced a five-phase reopening plan for the state that, if things progress as planned, would allow the public's return to sports venues July 4.

July 11: Kentucky

  • Start time: 1:30 a.m. CET July 12/7:30 p.m. ET

Some restrictions in Kentucky have been lifted, but mass gatherings remain prohibited, so that likely will need to change in order for Kentucky Speedway to host a Cup Series race in July. For what it's worth, the state does allow smaller gatherings with social distancing.

Owned by Speedway Motorsports, Kentucky Speedway was one of the tracks impacted when SMI laid off employees last month amid the pandemic.

July 19: New Hampshire

  • Start time: 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET

The state of New Hampshire currently has a nine-person limit on gatherings, which obviously will need to change in order for New Hampshire Motor Speedway to host a NASCAR race this summer. New Hampshire is another track that was impacted by SMI's layoffs last month.

When New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu addressed racing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway during a press conference in late April, he said it was "too early to make any sort of definitive decision."

Aug. 9: Michigan

  • Start time: 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET

The June race at Michigan was postponed, so NASCAR could look to this date on the schedule for a possible doubleheader. That will depend on the availability of the track given local restrictions.

Public and private gatherings in Michigan remain prohibited, with religious exemptions.

Aug. 16: Watkins Glen

  • Start time: 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET

Though the state of New York is still prohibiting nonessential gatherings, Watkins Glen International president Michael Printup is confident his track's date will stick on the NASCAR schedule.

"We're ready," Printup said. "I always say we're ready, but we're really ready this time because we've had a little diversion here."

Aug. 23: Dover

  • Start time: 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET

Dover's spring race remains postponed, so there has been speculation that NASCAR might try to squeeze in a Pocono-like Cup Series doubleheader at the track in August.

That's assuming Dover will be allowed to host one race, let alone two. The state of Delaware currently has a 10-person limit on gatherings.

Aug. 29: Daytona

  • Start time: 1:30 a.m. CET Aug 30./7:30 p.m. ET

The state of Florida has no restrictions on gatherings, just a suggestion that people should avoid congregating in places that don't allow for social distancing. Which means Daytona International Speedway should have no trouble hosting the Coke Zero 400.

NASCAR playoff schedule 2020

NASCAR is hoping to keep its playoff schedule intact with its original dates and tracks. Below is the original Cup Series playoff race schedule NASCAR hopes to preserve.

Date Race Track Start time
Sept. 6 Southern 500 Darlington Raceway Midnight CET Sept. 7/6 p.m. ET
Sept. 12 (Sat.) Federated Auto Parts 400 Richmond Raceway 1:30 a.m. CET Sept. 13/7:30 p.m. ET
Sept. 19 (Sat.) Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race Bristol Motor Speedway 1:30 a.m. CET Sept. 20/7:30 p.m. ET
Sept. 27 South Point 400 Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1 a.m. Sept. 28/7 p.m. ET
Oct. 4 Alabama 500 Talladega Superspeedway 8 p.m. CET/2 p.m. ET
Oct. 11 Bank of America ROVAL 400 Charlotte Motor Speedway 8:30 p.m. CET/2:30 p.m. ET
Oct. 18 Hollywood Casino 400 Kansas Speedway 8:30 p.m. CET/2:30 p.m. ET
Oct. 25 Texas 500 Texas Motor Speedway 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET
Nov. 1 NASCAR Cup Series Fall Race at Martinsville Martinsville Speedway 8 p.m. CET/2 p.m. ET
Nov. 8 NASCAR Cup Series Championship Phoenix Raceway 9 p.m. CET/3 p.m. ET

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/news/nascar-cup-series/how-to-watch-nascar-race-dazn-italy-schedule-live-stream/1kk4mf6y96mq61svsy8o4qemez&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjBjZWNkYTc1ZDc4NTFiNjM6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNGQJZm0s9kVJgPXEscvL_AHCenmaw


Watch Party: Warriors and Thunder OT thriller

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Every night tune into Yahoo Sports to watch some of the most memorable and iconic games from NBA history.

source https://sports.yahoo.com/nba-watch-party-warriors-thunder-160208087.html?src=rss


Drew McIntyre offers advice to recently released WWE Superstars


Modified 30 May 2020, 03:24 IST

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

Earlier this year WWE released a large number of onscreen talent including the likes of Revival, Gallows and Anderson, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins to name just a few. You can find the full list of Superstar releases here.

Some of those Superstars have already found new homes with Deonna Purrazzo turning up at Impact and The Revival renaming themselves FTR and making their debuts for AEW. But for the rest of the released stars the future remains uncertain.

One man who knows exactly how many of those Superstars will be feeling now is the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, who was fired many years ago and worked really hard to earn his way back to WWE and, as mentioned, is now the champion.

I recently got given the opportunity to chat with Drew McIntyre and I asked him whether he had any advice for the recent group of Superstar releases given that he was in their shoes and is now the face of the company, this is his response.

"I mean, I've been speaking to a few of them. And anyone I've not spoken to that hears this, feel free to reach out to me, please. But this is the opportunity to really reinvent yourself. And if you had a vision of yourself that you weren't able to bring to the table in WWE, obviously the WWE machine's constantly moving, it's very difficult to reinvent yourself within the system. And I couldn't be who I am today without my time away, I wouldn't have learned what I've learned without my time away."
"So I say just have a look at yourself, be honest, like 'who am I, what do I want to show the world' and put that plan together right now you during this time because the world is going to open up. And the independent scene is the healthiest it's been in, Id' say ever to be honest. Just the level of talent around the world, incredible companies around the world. And if you have something to bring to the table and you are truly good at your job, you truly love this job, you're going to have the best time, you're gonna make money you're gonna make a lot of fans."

He goes on to add,

"Eventually if you choose to, you're probably back in WWE. So if you believe in yourself the way I believed in myself, go out, have that fun, learn those lessons, get better wherever your weak areas are. One day you could be sitting there with the WWE championship."

So there you go. Hopefully some of the releases will go on to do great things elsewhere like Drew McIntyre did and if they want to return to WWE down the line better than before then brilliant!


Who would you like to see do a 'Drew McIntyre' and return to WWE in the future and become champion? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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source https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/news-drew-mcintyre-offers-advice-recently-released-wwe-superstars&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGjIxZjdhOWI5MTc2ODU5MjQ6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNHeEmNrngLXFxSxzKCDVhYnh14wyg